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A selection of leachate funds for the pool of quality and economic materials.

Los limpiafondos para piscina have undergone an evolution in the last décadas and have become an authentic alias in the referent to particular swimming pools. But, ¿cuáles son los más idóneos when buying one? The bone cheat pool cleaners we can find them on platforms like Amazon a very valuable asequibles. Our referimos a los manual cleaners and not to the so-called pool robots, which have higher sales prices.

Therefore, you will find this selection limpiafondos baratos and also those that can be purchased in pack format, with filter bag and removable pouch, for example; without olvidarnos de las aspiradoras recargables designed for use in removable pools. Ultimately, products resistant and comfortable of use that will be los encargados to withdraw the suciedad and sedimentos that are periodically deposited in the bottom of the pool.


Limpiafondos manual with removable pértiga

The company specializing in pool equipment QP has produced an authentic superventas en plataformas como Amazon, within the manual cleaning category. For a modest price, el package Includes detachable pencil case, a base of two wheels and filter bag. Suitable for use in small, portable or demountable swimming pools, the cleaner is designed to work with an external hose.

It is a cleaning product for your small pool layer.
Detail of the limpiafondos con pértiga más vendido en Amazon.

Pool cleaner with manual suction, Gre

At the venta en dos tamaños, this limpiafondos is equipped with a cartridge filter and works as a pre-filtration system, it is decir, the particles larger than the suction capacity quedan captured in an internal bowl. Product indicated in self-supporting or raised pools that require a minimum tail of 2 m3/hy not having any area in the manguera den which is included.

This pool cleaner kit features an efficient C-type energy.
A kit of limpiafondos de piscina with hose of five meters.

Limpiafondos with Venturi system, Gre

Of the brand misma that el producto anterior, this limpiafondos también is one of the most popular in Amazon. With a high average rating (4 out of 5 stars), the product is connected to the garden feeder through the effect Venturi; a system that uses the pressure of the water as the main aliado so that the surface of the sole is deposited in the filter bag. Limpiafondos 100% autonomous and que no requiere de puradora para funcionar.

It is treated with a limpiafondos kit which includes a filter bowl.
This cleaning kit does not require a purifier to put on brands.


Base of rotary limpiafondos with lateral hairs, Gre

The oval design of this cleaner offers an improvement in ergonomics and cleans the sides of the pool thanks to one of the practical brushes at the same time that sucks up the rest of the juice, such as sand and small hojas deposited in the soil. It is connected to standard suction hoses, with a diameter of the bottle between 38 and 32 mm. And, moreover, suitable for any telescopic handle with clip connection system.

Se trata de un limpiafondos con ma ovalada y cepillos en sus lateralis.
The design of this type of cleaning has made it more efficient in your cleaning area.

Base limpiafondos in aluminum, Siqua

Founded in 2006, Siqua is a brand of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance accessories. Contrary to other products, aluminum limpiafondos promise a longer life than other completely plastic products. Use it by connecting it with the toma de aspiration de la piscina de manera rápida y fácil, y se déliza bien gracias a su cuatro ruedas. The product has an anchor of 35 cm.

It is a cleaning jar with connection to the 38mm suction socket.
These cleaners are made in a mix of plastic and resistant aluminum.


Vacuum cleaner with filter bomb, Bestway

This is another alternative to los clásicos limpiafondos. From the Bestway brand, there is a suction kit that includes the cleaning of any type of pool with a size up to 4.5 meters in diameter. With bag of removable residual, two different bottles (one of them with brush and six meters of hose, this is a product of easy assembly and four aluminum sections. Suitable for purifiers of 3,000 l/hy superior.

It is a cleaning product for swimming pools which incorporates a hose of six meters in length.
This Bestway vacuum cleaner is very easy to assemble.

Rechargeable underwater vacuum cleaner, Bestway

Also relevant to the well-known pool brand Bestway, with this cordless, light and easy to use vacuum cleaner you will keep your portable hydromassage bath clean or medium or small size pools. The suction head is directed and integrates roads and brushes to allow it to be easier to access in difficult areas. On the other hand, its autonomy is up to 50 minutes and recharges in five hours. It works in depths from 45 to 140 cm.

It is an underwater vacuum cleaner that works at water temperatures between 4 and 35 °C.
This Bestway vacuum cleaner works with a rechargeable battery.


Manguera 12-metre floating car, Astral

The manguera is one of the accessories that will be eaten the most with various uses in full verano. Solar rays and components such as chlorine are your main enemies. In case you need to replace it, this Astral signature hose is a good inversion. The product comes with extra extreme tips, is made of resistant polyethylene and allows a connection between the cleaners and the suction bottle.

This self-floating hose is very flexible and has a size of more than ten metres.
Detail of a self-floating hose for cleaning swimming pools.

Floating hose terminal, Gre

It is an essential product to connect two universes which, unidos, are responsible for the optimal cleaning of the pool: we refer to the hose, on one side, and our own cleaning, on the other. Suitable for floating hoses of 38 mm in diameter, allows a connection safe and free of escape, thanks to the use material: flexible pvc.

It is a stone that is located between the pool feeder and the purifier.
Details of a terminal for pool hoses.

*All purchase prices included in this article were updated as of July 7, 2023.

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