Who is really… Fran Drescher, leader of the Hollywood actors’ strike

Embodiment of protest

As Hollywood faces a joint strike of writers and actors, Fran Drescher finds herself on the front lines of a crisis that could cripple the industry for weeks, if not months. Banned from filming, but also from promotion, the 160,000 members of SAG-Aftra, the main actors’ union, joined the 11,000 screenwriters on leave since early May in their showdown with producers on July 14 and studies. At stake: their remuneration in the era of streaming, but also the regulation of the use of artificial intelligence, which could, in the near future, contribute to the writing of scripts and clone the image and voice of actors on screen. In 2008, the writers’ strike lasted 100 days and cost California $2.1 billion in lost income.

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Star of the 90s

From 1993 to 1999 she was Fran Fine, the “nanny from hell” from M6, this chatty Queens who seduced a wealthy Manhattan family with her patterning and introspective charm. Inspired by her own life (she herself was born in Queens in 1957, to a middle-class Jewish family), A nanny from hell it’s an instant hit. Fran Drescher is not only the leading actress: it was she who, in 1992, went to propose the project to the CBS channel with her then husband, the producer Peter Marc Jacobson.

Cult and unfiltered character

In recent years, thanks to the resurgence of popular culture in the 90s, Fran Fine, her colorful clothes, her extravagant haircut and her nasal voice have become cult on the Internet, declining in memes and GIFs. When her first husband comes out, Fran Drescher embraces the LGBTQI+ cause. In 2000, she underwent a hysterectomy following a late diagnosis of uterine cancer. She will maintain a distrust of doctors, which has flourished publicly since the Covid-19 pandemic. Once a partner of tech entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai, known for his conspiracy theories, Fran Drescher was a leading opponent of mandatory vaccination on film sets.

divisive president

In 2021, she is elected to head the all-powerful – but very divided – union of actors, stuntmen, influencers and broadcasters SAG-Aftra. “My life has prepared me for this position”, he said during the campaign. Ten days ago, however, the union’s wrath was unleashed: while negotiations were in full swing in Los Angeles with representatives of producers and studios, she was photographed in Puglia with Kim Kardashian at the Alta Moda fashion show, organized by Dolce & Gabbana. . ” It was a business trip”she defended herself a few days later in California, at the press conference where she announced the actors’ decision to strike indefinitely.