War Ukraine – Russia: breaking news live | Russia attacks Kyiv with missiles in full peace mission of a group of African mandates | International

What happened in the last few hours

These are the most important war news at 12.00 hours on the day 478 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Russia attacks Kyiv with missiles in full peace mission of a group of African mandates. Several explosions have occurred in these streets in Kyiv since sirens alerted an airstrike. According to the Ukrainian authorities, the alarms went off after the air force detected several Kaliber rusos missiles launched from the mare Negro diregiéndose hacia el norte. The attack occurs when I visit the Ukrainian capital on a mission from various African mandates, encabezados by the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Tras visitar Bucha, scenario of the major atrocidades cometidas por los rusos soldier, hold planned reunirse with the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski.

The president of South Africa links Ukraine to the front of an African mediator mission. The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, has linked this viernes in tren to Ukraine encabezando una mission de jefes de Estadoafricanos que se unirá con el president Ucranio, Volodímir Zelenski, para viajar después a Rusia y derecer à los pays en Guerra a plan de peace mediation As a member of the South African presidency, Ramaphosa will accompany “los líderes” of Zambia, Comoros, Congo, Egypt, Senegal and Uganda in this mission. El South African president declared before llegar a Ucrania that “the Misión de Paz Africana offers an African perspective and a peace process” which has ended hostilities in Ukraine. Ramaphosa congratulated the “willingness” of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia to receive the leaders of Africa and escuchar sus propuestas.

The authorities impuestas por Rusia en Jersón dicen que el nivel de agua de la presa de Nova Kajovka baja con rapidez. The governor impeded by Rusia in the province of Jersón (sur de Ucrania), Vladímir Saldo, has affirmed this viernes that the water levels in the taking of Nova Kajovka, who suffered an explosion last week, are going fast. La semana pasada de la presa, whose water fed the refrigeration container of the Zaporiyia nuclear plant, the mayor of Europe, broke, has raised concern for the safety of the plant. The United Nations nuclear agency has visited the power plants to restore water levels after the destruction of the outlet, which caused catastrophic flooding and ecological disaster in the region.

Turn a Ukrainian wedding into a Russian attack on Jerson. Una mujer y su marido han died in the madrugada de este viernes in Novoberislav, in the Ukrainian province of Jersón, following a Russian artillery attack, según han informed the regional authorities. El gobernador de Jersón, Oleksandr Prokudin, wrote in his Telegram channel that too many Russians have led to artillery attacks in the Novoberislav settlement, in the western edge of the Dniéper río, the area controlled by Ukraine, from other positions side of the river.

Zelenski stated that las tropas rusas resist harshly: “The counter-offensive is being waged, the war is waged”. The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, assured that the outcome of the counteroffensive of his Army would take Russia to war, because the Russian troops are offering great resistance, then he said in an interview with the cadena estadounidense BCN News. “Nuestras tropas en la primera línea del fronte están enfrentando una durísima resistencia”, he affirms, “porque, para Rusia, perder esta campaña in Ucrania, he would say, actually means losing the war”. Weighing this resistance, says the agent, the news about the tropas Ukrainians on the front “are generally positive”.