Uruguay is crown champion of the world sub-20

La Plata

06/12/2023 at 01:32


Rodríguez took part in a chaotic play in the box to score the decisive goal

Italia no pudo desplegar su juego e hizo demasiadas faltas

Uruguay consecrated this Sunday as a new champion of the world sub-20 he won by 1-0 in the final to Italy with a lot of Luciano Rodríguez when he missed four minutes for the conclusion of the match.

La tercera fue la vencida: Tras caer en el último partido de Malasia 1997 y de Turquía 2013, the Celestial ganó an encuentro in which I dominate from beginning to end and presented himself with the title in front of more than 30,000 compatriots who showed up at the Estadio Unico Diego Armando Maradona.

By boat, by plane and by car, there were thousands who crossed the Río de la Plata to be part of the fiesta.

And when everyone sings without leaving each one of the stands, Rodríguez approved a mix-up played inside the box to take the ball away and decreed the lot that was consecrated to los de Marcelo Broli.

Uruguay dominated the primera parte from start to finish. High pressure, side play and good ball handling in the center of the field Hicieron that the Celestial se adueñara de los 45 minutes iniciales.

Italia no pudo desplegar su fútbol y in many moments short the game with falltas. Hecho in the first part accumulated ten against five South Americans.

Luciano Rodríguez was the great figure and the player who was most often on the ground. The number 19 volvió tras complir dos fechas de suspension and he complied in every game with the scorer Gabriele Guarino, who was the primero en ver la tarjeta amarilla.

Mercando and assistance from the center of the field Fabricio Díaz also leaves in a team that wanted to show the defense very firm, encabezada by Sebastián Boselli.

Dos disparos del capitan acercaron a la Celeste a la portería defended by Sebastiano Desplanches, who at 22 was lucky with an impressive save in front of a cabezazo from Anderson Duarte.

The young man Simone Pafundi generated the two clearest optionsyet none of the two pus en apuros to goalkeeper Randall Rodríguez, who received goals in only one of the parties.

The second part began in the same way as the first ended: with Uruguay generating las más claras and rival Italy alejado de la portería. In the 30 minutes of the second half, Celeste generated 12 goal situations against only one of her rivals.

Without embargo, in the final minutes the Celeste lost power and Italy launched an attack with midfielder Tommaso Baldanzi as abandoned.

But in just a few minutes for the final, tras una jugada confuse inside the área, Rodríguez empujó the balón in front of the mirada of the rival goalkeeper and desató the position of tres millones de personas.

Uruguay took the field to gain from the first minute, played the final as debía jugarla y enshrined camp of the sub-20 world for the first time in its history. Another trophy for an enviable showcase.

– Technical file:

1.Uruguay: Randall Rodriguez; Rodrigo Chagas, Sebastián Boselli, Facundo González, Alan Matturro; Fabricio Diaz, Damián Garcia; Luciano Rodríguez (m.96, Santiago Homenchenko), Franco González, Juan Cruz de los Santos (m.91, Ignacio Sosa) and Anderson Duarte (m.62, Andrés Ferrari).

Selector: Marcelo Broli.

0.Italy: Sebastiano Desplanches; Richardo Turicchia, Gabriele Guarino, Daniele Ghilardi, Samuel Giovane (d.90, Niccolò Pisilli); Giacomo Faticanti (m.46, Mattia Zanotti), Matteo Prati, Cesare Casadei, Tommaso Baldanzi (m.90, Luca Lipani); Simone Pafundi (m.55, Francesco Esposito), Giuseppe Ambrosino (m.55, Daniele Montevago).

Selector: Carmine Nunziata.

Goals: 1-0: m.86, Luciano Rodríguez.

Referee: El sueco Glenn Byberg. He loved Gabriele Guarino, Giuseppe Ambrosino, Fabricio Díaz and Matteo Prati.

Incidents: Final of the Mundial sub-20, played at the Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona.