The rescue teams of the submarine “Titanic” detect “ruidos” under the water in the búsqueda zone | International

The Guardia Costera de EE UU has informed that a Canadian aircraft that participated in the search for the disappeared submarine Titan, with five people on board, have detected “ruidos submarinos”. The aircraft began its descent to Domingo to make an excursion to visit the restaurants of the transatlantic titanic, founded in 1912 at a depth of 3,800 meters more than 600 kilometers from Newfoundland, shortly after the loss of the track. The time is playing against the rescue operations, since it is estimated that the air reserve inside the bathyscaphe will burn out in the summer.

Loss detected have led to the search teams, in those who participate in various countries, to relocate the operations under the water “in an intent to explore the origin of the sons”, according to the Coast Guard explained in a series of public announcements a primera hora de este miércoles.

The Guardia Costera did not disclose more details on the nature or on the alcance de los sonidos, ni cómo fueron recogidos, unque various medios estadounidenses have revealed that los ruidos were detected by Canadian aircraft at 30-minute intervals.

El Titan, managed by the estadounidense company OceanGate Expeditions, was construido para permanecer bajo el agua 96 horas. On Sunday, he made the descent with 5 pasajeros, but lost communication with the surface after two hours of immersion. On board, the viajaban el multimillionaire and British explorer Hamish Harding, 58, president of the aviation company Action Aviation; the 73-year-old English explorer and explorer Paul Henry Nargeolet, who led the average dozen expeditions to the titanic; the Pakistani Shazada Dawood, director of a British citizen and a non-profit organization based in California, and his son Suleman, and Stockton Rush, the manager of OceanGate. The cost of the round trip sightseeing expedition is $250,000 per person.

Estadounidenses y Canadiennes planes, así como a buque endowed with a submarine de aguas profundas, siguen rastreando la zona de la déparición, más de 7,600 thousand cuadradas de mar abierto. I hope that more embarcaciones lleguen en las proximas horas, entre ellas el buque Atalanta sent by the Gobierno inglés, also equipped with a submarine robot capable of exploring at great depths.

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Stockton Rush, executive director of OceanGate, was publicized in 2018 for a group of representatives of the submersible vehicle industry that the company’s “experimental source” could originate problems “from minor to catastrophes”, according to the diary revealed The New York Timesthat you had access to a la carte.

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