the main Latin American stars to follow

(CNN Español) — ‘Grandeza sin límites’, is the lema of the Mundial Femenino de Fútbol Australia-Nueva Zelandia 2023, a competition that FIFA organizes in its novena edición. This magnificence is what the 32 participating selections will find between July 20 and August 20.

The big event, which will take place for the first time in two countries of two confederaciones – Australia (Confederación Asiática de Fútbol) and New Zealand (Confederación de Fútbol de Oceanía), – will attract 8 countries that will participate for the first time in the big city: Marruecos, Portugal, Haiti, Panama, Republic of Ireland, Zambia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Of the 32 selected, 12 will be directed by instructors. It was very technical that he recorded his world courses, such as his Germans Tina Theune (Alemania en Estados Unidos 2003) and Silvia Neid (Alemania en China 2007) and the English-estadounidense Jill Ellis, who raised in Estados Unidos in the titles of the World Cups of Canada 2015 and France 2019.

The mighty Brasil, which did not win a Copa Mundial in the female league, contracted Pia Sundhage to the league as DT para conquistador ese reto. The prestigious technique won two Olympic gold medals directing the selection of the United States.

A power like France will tend to a coach who will be released in the Copa Mundial Qatar 2022. It is the French Hervé Renard who led to Saudi Arabia who, according to the selection at the debut, defeated Argentina 2-1, which will end to crown the World Cup.

In the ocho ediciones de la magna cita, Estados Unidos is the maximum ganador of the certomen with four copas mundiales in its history. Lo sigue Alemania con dos, luego se ubican Noruega y Japón, cada una con una copa mundial.

The competition will tend to 64 participants and will count with 23 participants per representative, which belongs to Estados Unidos, Alemania, Brazil, France, Sweden, England and Australia as the top favorites to win the trophy.

On their own leads, we have a view here from an all-star cast of Latin American selections, which we recommend you follow and watch.

Marta, ‘La Pelé con Faldas’, which goes for its primer título mundial with Brasil

She is regarded as one of the best soccer players in all of history. Called ‘La Pelé con Faldas’, she poses a decommunally brilliant technique. She has the ability to raudales, dexterity in displacements, agility in her interventions that impact. Manejo mirable del balón con ambas piernas, stage presence and loose body language, change of pace y remates -también con ambas piernas-furibundos.

Martha #10 of the Orlando Pride sale of the party in the second half of the Red Bull Arena on May 14, 2023 in Harrison, New Jersey. Orlando Pride and NJ/JY Gotham FC drew 0-0. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

A sus 37 años, Marta Vieira da Silva won Oceania with a fascinating record of disputar on sexta Copa Mundial. She played and shone in teams from Brazil, Sweden and the United States. She ganadora of multiple skills and detached in the Olympic Games. The Brazilian footballer logró has won the FIFA World Player of the Year award on six occasions. She has another super record: she is the player with more goals in the Copa del Mundo, whether she is male or female, with 17 goals. She goes by the mayor logro of her that she has sido esquivo, lo propio of her to her selection verdeamarelha of her, consagrarse champion of the world. Brazil joined the Grupo F junto group in France, Panama and Jamaica.

Estefanía Banini, ‘The Messi of the Albiceleste’, returns to the latest World Cup

He is the undisputed figure of the Argentine selection. The position creation position is like the cornerstone in the Albicelestial. He had great control of the ball, outstanding technique in one to one, intelligence in his movements, amazing racing and powerful rowing. If you select ‘La Messi’ for the sparkle of the game, you load the 10 house and open the equipment lid.

Estefania Banini de Argentina performs during an international friendly match between Argentina and Venezuela at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium on April 6, 2023 in Córdoba, Argentina. (Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)

He played for Colo Colo de Chile, Washington Spirit, USA to pass the time at fútbol español. Allí he played in Valencia, Levante and now he went to Atlético de Madrid.

Como su selección has character, personality and room of glory. “Sé leer el juego, soy habilidosa, intelligent y pícara”, dijo l’excellente mediocampista, who recognizes that Argentina does not have the level of selection poderosas, but will try to earn his first match in a mundial. In France 2019, Argentina empathized with two parties and lost one, keeping a single solvent in the competition, being Banini the key figure of the team. Luego del mundial he had an enfrentamiento with Carlos Borello, DT of the selection, because he was separated from the Plantel. He regressed with the new coach Germán Portanova. He acknowledged that the Australia-New Zealand championship will be his last mundial. FIFA elected her in the ideal ounce in FIPRO 2020-2021. Argentina joins Grupo G junto a Italia, Sudáfrica y Suecia.

Linda Caicedo, Colombian talent who shone in Real Madrid

He’s only 18, although in the world of women’s football you have knowledge of this regatta midfielder, a fascinating vision of the game, extraordinary assistance and a remarkable revenge. In 2022 the Copa América was contested in her country, with Colombia finishing in the Copa Mundial siendo subcampeona, and allí Linda Caicedo was elegida la best jugadora del certomen.

Linda Caicedo, the future of South American football

“El fútbol, ​​​​​​para mí, signifies pasión y amor”, says this joy of the fútbol cafeteria which at the cumplir 18 años was acquired by a European giant, like Real Madrid. Colombia joined grupo H junto a Marruecos, Alemania y Corea del Sur.

Marta Cox, Panama’s top star, who made her debut in a world championship

Your dexterity despampanante en el game convierte la pieza clave de su equipo. Es diestra, possee una pegada excepcional, asistencia poderosa, un muy buen regate y vast talent en el juego asociado. The midfielder deempeña in el Pachuca de México, y antes lo hizo en clubs de Colombia y Estados Unidos.

Panama’s Marta Cox celebrates after her match against Guatemala during a festa amistoso at Pinula Contreras stadium, 20km south of Guatemala City on February 19, 2021. (Photo by Johan ORDONEZ/AFP) (Photo by JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

The runners, as if they are known to the players of Panamá, lograron a large actación in the Copa Concacaf 2022. Allí detache esta futbolista de 25 años qu’ilera a grupo de jugadoras que visizaron su fútbol en un tener a este sporte come il his favourite. Panama joins the F junto group in Brazil, France and Jamaica.

Raquel Rodríguez Cedeño, ‘The Rocky’ of los ticos

His story was set on fire in his selection as he scored the first goal for Costa Rica in a world cup. He was in Canada’s Copa del Mundo 2015. The current player of the Portland Thorns de Estados Unidos, she regresa to the maximum competence luego de 8 años. In reality, this remarkable 29-year-old player is the leader and maximum figure of her selection. She is talented, good at handling, talented, with a lot of character, she has great charisma and is a fascinating rower. On her primer mundial you see her as a university student. She now binds her as a star consagrada in el fútbol femenino de Estados Unidos, tierra de las currentes champions mundiales, which has empowered her in her notable conditions. “We have high expectations.

Raquel Rodríguez of Costa Rica celebrates after playing against Panama during their Concacaf 2022 women’s soccer match, at the Universitario stadium in Monterrey, Estado de Nuevo León, Mexico on July 5, 2022. (Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP ) (Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA) / AFP via Getty Images)

Quiero ir allí a competir”, says that this is a midfielder who regresses to a Copa del Mundo with his selection, which has as its objective to pass the group stage first. Costa Rica integrates Group C in Spain, Zambia and Japan .