Tadic has left Ajax

07/14/2023 at 22:28


El delantero serbio paraded by the club ‘ajacied’ for disavenencias with the dirección deportiva

Dusan Tadic believes that Ajax has not been successful to have a competitive team for this temporada and opts to march to ask for a contract year

Dusan Tadic, emblem of the club during the muchas temporadas, pasa a ser ya leyenda. Y es que el club de Ámsterdam has announced that the Serbian delantero ya no vestirá más la camiseta ‘ajacied’ and that already el club con efecto inmediato. Weigh a quedarle un año más de contrato, Ajax and Tadic han agreed to part ways on their final, exit-filled steps as they reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in an 18-19 draw.

Following the Dutch press, clubs and players will have the same intentions regarding the team’s sports policy for the next time. For Tadic, Ajax will not be logging on to have a competitive team and he has confirmed them and they are more likely to debilitate the plant. There are no large queues to hope for, because Tadic has preferred to give work a step.

In this form, with the definitive adiós ya from the Serbian delantero, Ajax said adiós to all the exponents of the one who once attacked the Santiago Bernabéu in the Champions de la temporadsa ​​​​​​2018-2019. Tadic was the reference player who arrived, escorted by others such as David Neres, Frenkie de Jong was the reference player in the center of the field and De Ligt the keeper in the zaga. Ahora ya no queda nadie.

We will see what is the future of Tadic, who se marche de Ámsterdam weighed to ask her todavía año de contrato. Without embargo, club and player have opted for immediate termination. In the last few days of Serbia, you weren’t trained, fomenting rumors of a possible ascent between non star de acuerdo with the club’s policy. You are now official on goodbyes.