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Spain intends to enter the exclusive decena de países with access to space, but time has prevented it. The PLD Space company, created by engineers Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú in 2011, for 23 and 22 years respectively, including 3,000 euros that they contributed to them and their families, había programado el despegue del demonstrador Miuro 1a recoverable cost which is the basis of Miuro 5, a 540 kg satellite launcher that should be operational in 2025. El vuelo quería demostrar que est possible que España cuente con un programa propio de transporte de devices al espacio para, según la compañía y empresas del sector, asked Del Mercado . . At 6.40 PLD Space communicated “anomalous behavior in the load of LOX [oxígeno líquido que favorece la combustión]”, but the company realized that this accident was due to a “slow load” that did not involve the suspension of the launch. Without embargo, this was closed shortly after 8.30 due to adverse weather conditions: the presence of rachas deviento en altura superiors to the permissible limits.

The PLD space now holds that the next ventana de vuelo will be boarded with the Ministry of Defense, and that the launch operation obliges to interrupt all maritime and air traffic in the area and the Delegación del Gobierno must establish a specific safety device. Furthermore, the proximity of the summer makes the coast an area of ​​great affluence which could limit the possibilities.

Defense has been granted permission to operate during the months of April and May. But in the need to complete the previous tests, harsh adverse atmosphere conditions were met during the last quincena of this month, which made it possible to send the despegue, and the romería del Rocío, which celebrated in the surroundings of the aerospace base of the Inta (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial), located between the costeros onubenses enclaves of Mazagón and Matalascañas, there is the necessary condition and deployment of the plan de seguridad. This drug has concentrated dozens of people in the mediations and the surveillance devices have proceeded to displace them in the areas closest to the base.

With the Virgen de vuelta en su hermita, el Miuro 1 it has been prepared for the despegue. A mediados de mayo passed the final trial, a denominated ecstatic ensayo test hot y que supuso el ecendido del motor a pleno rendimiento pendante cinco segundos para comprobar el perfecto funcionamiento de los arranque systems, temperature and pressure without abandoning the plataforma.

Previamente se déarrolló otro ensayo general conocido como try wet suits (WRD), a stage where you make sure that all parts of the process fit together and work as intended. It is like a general essay with vestuario en la ópera that allows you to simulate all phases of the real launch, including the load of propellants, the pressure of the tanks and including the automatic abortion protocol of the operation in the last minute.

Semper vamos a preferir retrasar el lanzamiento que acabar con un cohete despiezado

Raúl Torres, launch director and co-founder of PLD Space

“If a minimum risk factor is detected during the launch process, the operation will be interrupted until the next flight ventana. We’ve always been preferring to retract the casting that acabar with a despicable cohete,” explained the co-founder and director of the casting, Raúl Torres.

Y así ha sido. El ingeniero de sistemas Roberto Palacios explained that the presence of rachas deviento en altura por encima de los tolerables límites desaconsejado el despegue.

For the group of these miércoles in Huelva, for more than ten hours, all the PLD Space team had to repeat every one of the steps of the previews and you can point to all the devices. The atmosphere was stable, sin amenazas de tormentas en el entorno. But the Venuses, exceeding the 20 kilometers per hour at high altitudes, forced to suspend the trial.

12 minutes of heart attack

El proceso abortado tenía predict que, tras la ignición, el Miuro 1bautizado thus by the good ganadería and as a symbol of the española brand, the phase of despegue y las maniobras de giro will begin to enfilar the foreseen trayectoria.

Pasados ​​​​​​unos minuti se alcanzaría la zona de microgravedad, situada a unos 30 kilometros, para llegar al apogeo, a unos 80 kilometros de altitud y en condiciones de espacio (fuera de la atmósfera). From this point, the cohete begins the descent hand to leave the microgravity area and release the primary parachutes. With the help of the air brakes, reformed between the pruebas made in Teruel last September, and the main paracaídas, the Miuro 1 he would move to the onubense coast to be collected, taken up to the port of Mazagón and, subsequently, transferred to Teruel to analyze all the results of the test.

Planned flight tray of the ‘Miura 1’PLD space

“El Miuro 1 you are a technology demonstrator. We will launch it to obtain the information and continue advancing from there Miuro 5. Ahí tenemos el foco. Y en la financiación necesaria para poder desarrollar las inversiones y continuar”, confirmed Ezequiel Sánchez, executive president of the company.

The fireplace is not closed, until the opposite: the next flight is only the beginning. “Our goal is to achieve a hit for Spain and Europe, but we still have everything to demonstrate. We know that we expect many reproaches, yet we have the certainty that we will be capable of resolving them,” says Sánchez.

El principal hito es tecnológico: desarrollar “desde cero hasta los tornallos”, in the words of Torres. Secondly, achieve it from peripheral Spain: PLD Space has its headquarters in Elche, a business center in Teruel and an aerospace base in Huelva. The third is to avoid an aerospace winter in Europe.

The European cohete Vega, che transportaba el primer español earth observation satellite SeoSat-Ingenio devió de su trayectoria poco después de ser lanzado desde el puerto espacial de Kurú, in Guayana Francesa, in November 2020.

El pasado abril, el Spaceship de Elon Musk desarrollado para llevar hasta 100 personas a la Luna, the most powerful in history, and with a presupuesto more than 50 times higher than the del Miuro 1explotó little después del despegue,during the desacoplamiento de las dos partes del artefacto.

El mismo mes, the probe Hakuto-R, the one destined to be the first commercial ship to land on the moon, already to issue a signal when the vehicle was expected to arrive.

This accident has such an effect in the space career, which addresses the possibility of an aeronautical winter which assumes the slowdown of the rollovers if the falls in the projectors follow one another.

It happened in Europe in December 2002 when, the latest model of the European cohete Ariadne 5jumped 10 tons to be designed to put this mass into orbit, fall on its first launch to hold the combustion of its engines three minutes after shutdown. The accident caused a loss for the European space program and caused the loss of two satellites: the Hot Bird Tm7 from Eutelsat, and el stenter, a French experimental team.

“Ha bido inviernos espaciales y Europa is experiencing a crucial moment”, said Sánchez, who undermines the relevance of a private initiative such as PLD Space, which has 30% public funding, is settling on an emerging market that demands a transport system to place each year in orbit more than 2,500 satellites weighing less than 500 kilograms over the next decade.

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