National tennis player Sloane Stephens says that racist abuse in social networks “doesn’t mean more than to empeorar”

(CNN) — The American tennis player Sloane Stephens, champion of the US Open 2017 and finalist of the Abierto de Francia 2018, says that the direct racist abuse she causes in social networks has a corresponding problem throughout her tennis career.

“Nunca ha cesado. En todo caso, solo ha empeorado”, dijo Stephens, que es negra, a periodicistas después de ganar 6-0 6-4 en la primera ronda dell’Abierto de Francia against the head of series número 16 Karolina Pliskova these moons.

El Roland Garros has announced the weekly pass that the content of the jugadores’ social newsrooms will be moderated by a herramienta against bullying and incitement to hatred on the Internet.

“He oído hablar del programa. No lo he utilizado”, dijo la estadounidense de 30 años.

“I keep a montón de keywords obviously prohibited on Instagram and all these things, but that doesn’t stop someone from just writing an asterisk or writing it in a different way, which obviously the software most of the time won’t stick to it.”

Sloane Stephens favors Karolina Pliskova in the 2023 Ronda del Abierto de Francia premiere. (Credit: Jean-Francois Badias/AP)

To Stephens he asked about the graveness of the abuse, to which he replied: “Obviously, when the FBI investigates what people say on the Internet, it is very serious. Of course, it is also with what I keep lidiar During all my square “.

“I think, as he says, he hasn’t learned more and people on the Internet are free to decir and make what there are false pages, which is obviously very problematic.

“But, yes, there’s something with him that I’ll keep lidiating all my career and someone I’ll follow with lidiando, that’s safe. That’s all”.

Stephens, currently in the 30th place in the world rankings, does not give more details on the abuses he has received in speaking with journalists in these hours.