Messi’s revealing figure during el Mundial 2014

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The Argentine star beat alemanes jugadores on 7 occasions during the Copa del Mundo final

The figure manifested by Leo hizo todo lo possible to remove the Mundial in his first finalist appearance

Brazil 2014 is not a good memory for Leo Messi. The first final of a World Cup that the Argentine plays if won by a goal in extra time from the Alemán, Mario Gotz. This goal accompanied the carrera del astro with the selección de su país for several years.

Many Argentinean hinchas achacaron the derrota in front of Germany for the bad game of which was at its time the ’10’ of Barça.

But, according to data from OptaJavier, Leo Messi mainly intends to successfully disfigure the German defense during los 120 minutes de partidosalgo que quizás los compañeros de Leo no pudieron acompañar.

The best player on the pitch was the Argentine, that’s it nadie completed more races in a world title match than Donadoni in 1994 (7/10). This day, pulga won 7 times out of 11 attempts has a jugador from Alemania.

Finally, Argentina fell in the final before an Alemania that sa crown champion of the world. ‘La Pulga’ surrendered in the world of Qatar 2022.