Messi pronounces sober los pitidos he received at PSG

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Messi granted an interview to ‘Bein Sports’ in which he spoke of the pitidos qu’accibió from the affection of Paris Saint-Germain

In the interview, el rosarino said he “hubo un quiebre” with the aficion of PSG

Leo Messi joined PSG two years ago well recibido y arropado por una aficion who anxiously hoped for the legacy of the futbol superstar. But for some reason, Paris collective results quiz, the relationship between Messi and a part of the PSG aficion is fue quebrando.

In an interview granted to ‘Bein Sports’, el rosarino confessed:”I think my reception was very good at the start. I say. After that, people agreed to treat me differently, a part of the PSG crowd, the restaurant and the mayoría followed me, treating me like at the beginning. Hubo calms down with PSG’s affection. No fue mi intención ni mucho menos generar ese quiebre. También pasó with Neymar or Mbappé previously. I am with all the people who respected me as I have always respected the whole world from what I said and it was an anecdote”

On adaptation to the team and the city, añadió: “The truth that it was a very difficult adaptation, much more than I had hoped for. Plus everything that people knew in terms of clothing and had a relationship with them was to complicate the adaptation to the new change. Llegué tarde, no tuve pretemporada. Tuve que adaptarme a una nueva ciudad difícil para mi familia y para mi…Fue complicado”.

Vine a Paris because I enjoyed the club, because there were friends and many people who knew each other in the wardrobe, selected companions or someone you had…It seems to me that, more than the club, he was able to keep a much more sensible adaptation than in other equipos a los che pudiera haber ido, for which it was a little for this that he decided to go to the club“, He insisted.