Messi is on vacation in Argentina before his new season in the MLS

(CNN Español) –– Lionel Messi took one day of rest in Argentina to enjoy his family together. El alto en el camino does it in Funes, a city located 16 kilometers from Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe.

Messi arrives in the country, plays the match in Beijing and plays the match in Argentina, winning 2-0 against Australia. In this mix, “La Pulga” scored in the 79 seconds of play the fastest goal of the 103 he scored with the albiceleste.

Messi also claims six months on earth after having been consecrated champion of the world in Qatar: “Se cumple medio año desde que levantamos la más linda de todas. Six months in which we cannot stop thinking about how we live, how much we live lo peleamos y en cómo aún hoy lo disfrutamos”, expresó.

This júbilo, who survives as the captain of the Argentine selection, gives in a moment of change de página en su vida. He dejó France luego des temporadas en el Paris Saint Germain (PSG) con vivencias de cal y de arena. Lui dio dos vueltas olímpicas, but the leniency in some rubros of the French experience, led him to pegar el portazo al capítulo en tierra gala.

“Aprendí que no solo se trata de ganar y que el camino recorrido también te deja muchas enseñanzas de vida”, reads the document “Alta en el cielo” that Adidas, sponsor of the Argentine selection, has produced with a view to completing the semester of globalist deeds.

Presented in the despedida of Maximiliano Rodríguez

On June 24, the day Messi turns 36, he will be in the Marcelo Bielsa de Newell’s Old Boys stadium in Rosario, where his friend and former Argentine selection partner, Maximiliano Rodriguez, will play the forwarding part of his professional life.

There he will dress in light blue and white for a fiesta where he will be friends, ex-compañeros and football players of the Argentine selection. It is hoped that the stadium is full of “leprosos” footballs, as known to Newell’s footballs, a club where the football star has arrived in this sport. Wearing this shirt, which he wore in his stage of infant football, will be one of the special gems of the event which, created by many, will paralyze Rosario.

In La Bombonera para el partido despedida by Juan Román Riquelme

Just 24 hours later, Messi will land in Buenos Aires. At el templo del fútbol, ​​​​the Bombonera, there will be the maximum star of the despedida of the ídolo of Boca Juniors, Juan Román Riquelme.

“Messi goes to summer. It’s also a dream for me. He’s the biggest player of all time”, said Riquelme as a test of the frenzy that Argentina feels for the rosarino crack.

El mitico estadio xeneize will be a box of resonance of the pure vapor romance that the Argentines feel for one of the great icons of the history of fútbol.

“The journey also gives you much enseñanzas de vida”, says the rosarino star, who is a goalkeeper behind the football of Major League Soccer de Estados Unidos, the MLS.

“Messi is going to enjoy the MLS much, he will receive it very well and will have to grow at Inter,” said Thiago Almada, “La Pulga’s” team-mate in the Argentina selection and Atlanta United player.

Messi meets Martino

El capitán de la albiceleste met este lunes con Gerardo Martino, who was his coach at FC Barcelona in the temporada 2013-2014 and also in the Argentine selection, with whom he reached two finals: Copa América Chile 2015 and Copa Centenario Estados Unidos 2016 Además de unirlos l’amor que ambos sienten por Newell’s; Will a third cycle of player and coach join him in EE.UU. football?

The last week of junior, Messi will continue to descansando en Rosario. In July, the crack ya will be installed in Miami to be presented as the top star of Inter and the MLS. To the winner of 43 titles, 7 golden balls and many other distinctions, I hope another fútbol with a team that is last in the conference and in position 27 out of 29 teams in ambas conferences.

It will be a challenge but for this living legend who, in addition to a superlative talent, has hecho de la resilienza a standart.

Ora, dijo al confirmar su apuesta por la MLS: “Quiero vivir la Liga de Estados Unidos de otra manera y disfrutando mucho más del día a día, ma con la misma responsabilidad de querer ganar y de hacer las cosas bien siempre, ma con más tranquillity”.

A new episode in the finale of his career that began in Miami. He did it in a league that saw the tsunami that meant the arrival of one of the best footballers in history. Just as his career has done, Messi will go on a quest to fall in love with his magic, grabbing titles and breaking records.