Mensajes de apoyo a Van der Sar

07/08/2023 at 13:58


Ancient clubs, teammates, opponents and countless enthusiasts of all things in the world have shared their apoyo in Van der Sar

The former Portero de Hollanda, Ajax and Manchester United, among others, was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage

El mundo del fútbol se ha united en go back to Edwin van der Sar After the former Netherlands and Manchester United goalkeeper was hospitalized with a brain haemorrhage.

Dutch club Ajax, Donde Van der Sar begins his career as a jugador converted to general manager in 2016 antes de dejar el cargo en mayoissued a communication announcing the news.

“Edwin van der Sar has suffered a brain haemorrhage. He is currently in hospital in the intensive care unit and meets stable conditions,” Ajax said on Twitter. “Once you have more concrete information, an update will follow. All in Ajax we wish Edwin a speedy recovery. We are thinking about you,” communicates the club in redes sociales.

The emisora ​​​​​​pública holandesa NOS, informed that Van der Sar was on vacation on a Croatian island while he was locked up.

Considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world by todos los tiempos, Van der Sar played for Ajax from 1990 to 1999 and won the Liga de Campeones in 1995. Volvió raised the Copa de Europa in 2008 against Manchester United after the passage of Juventus and Fulham.

Van der Sar is also second jugador holandés con más international parties of todos los tiempos, con 130 apariciones international. Regresó at Ajax in 2012 as marketing director before being ascended four years after becoming executive director.

Former clubs, teammates, opponents and countless fans from around the world have shared their apoyo in Van der Sar.

“Yes, let’s go all our love and strength, Edwin“Manchester United posted on Twitter.

Other former club Fulham also posted his message on Twitter and wrote: “Everyone in Fulham Football Club We wish Edwin a speedy recovery. We are thinking about you”.

Rio Ferdinand, former teammate of Van der Sar in el United che won four Premier League titles, two Copas de la Liga and the 2008 Liga de Campeones together with the goalkeeperhe wrote: “And he’s a luchador. ¡Nuestros pensamientos están con la familia Van Der Sar!”.

Former Chelsea delantero Didier Drogba also posted his apoyo to Van der Sar on social networks. “Difficult opponent to win, but qué portero y hombre. Mis pensamientos están con él, wishing her a speedy recovery, amigo mío”.

Former goalkeeper Mark Crossley, who played under Van der Sar at Fulham, tweeted: “My former teammate Edwin Van Der Sar, rezo por ti, amigo mío, for a speedy recoverya verdadero caballero ya gran portero, a placer “para trabajar al lado”.