Madrid delayed en colapsar por la lluvia media hour: hasta four autovías y varies líneas de metro affected | Madrid

Madrid collapsed when llueve. Especially when large quantities of water are drawn in a short time, in this case, 30 liters of water per square meter on average now. Metro line 7 was hit and interrupted circulation in several trams: in el de Pueblo Nuevo a Cartagena —tres paradas― por accumulation de agua y entre Canal y Guzmán el Bueno, in ambos sentidos, también por las balsas of water . The tampoco line hace parada in Avenida de la Ilustración for the misma razón. Line 10 has also interrupted the movement of trains between Fuencarral and Begoña. Traffic is also interrupted on line 5 between the Pirámides and Urgel car parks. A report from Metro de Madrid also indicated that “has a vestibule in Canillejas y otro en Francos Rodríguez que se ha tenido que cerrar, ma las estaciones funcionan y el servicio de trenes también”.

The roads A1, A2, A3 and A6 also have retentions; The A1 from Las Tablas hasta Alcobendas, the A2, que está cortada en el kilometro 8, en el puente de Canillejas, por acumulación de agua en la carretera, y sufre retenciones desde Ciudad Lineal hasta Alcalá de Henares, la A3 desde Santa Eugenia a Perales de Tajuña and the A6 from Puerta de Hierro hasta Majadahonda. Según la Aemet, if they have registered accumulations of 30 liters per square meter

The Ayuntamiento and the Comunidad de Madrid have activated this Monday the Plan de Actuación de Floods (Painunam) by aviso amarillo for rains and storms of the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología in Madrid and its alrededores, and now they will raise it to alert before the landscape. Prevention before the possible major flood register in Madrid consists, for the time being, in warning the population and a series of fundamental recommendations: avoid cruising inundated areas, abandoning the vehicle if it shuts down, if the water does not open the doors or if the height of the volume of water exceeds de las ruedas; alejarse de cauces de ríos, arroyos y zones bajas o priorizar autovías, entre otros.

The water in some calls such as the calle de Servator in the barrio de Canillas has lowered the alcantarillado system and flooded the calle. Following the emergencies services of the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, the bombers are carrying out multiple interventions for balsas de agua provocadas for the rain in other areas as well, basically for the districts of San Blas, Hortaleza, Canillejas y Barajas, which are also flooding. Now mismo has so many rain incidents that she’s prioritizing the most important things, because she has some advice waiting.

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