Los moderatores del duel entre Sánchez y Feijóo: “Si hubiéramos intervenido todas veces que se pisaban habría sido un discussion a cuatro” | General Election 23J | Spain

In October 2020, the Comisión de Debates de Estados Unidos decided that in the second duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden the candidate’s microphones that did not sound in the use of speech would be silenced. Take care to avoid interruptions during the initial presentation of the aspirants in each of the thematic blocks. De este modo tenían guarantee dos minutos sin rplicas del contrincante. Saber when he has to interrupt a debate, sacar tarjeta amarilla and renew the conversation is an “irresolvable” question, according to Vicente Vallés, who the moons moderó junto a Ana Pastor a bronco and áspero cara a cara between the socialist Pedro Sánchez and the popular Alberto Núñez Feijoo in Atresmedia. Ambos periodicistas hacen self-criticism sobre su labor, sus fuerzos para impedir que los candidatureos blaran a la vez y sus continuas (ya menudo infrutctuosas) calls to order so that viewers can follow a minimum argumentative line.

In the fechas prior to the retransmission of the debate, the partidos were concerned about the height of the platforms or the temperature inside the dish, but, above all, they were concerned about the format. Querían saber si, además de los thematicos pactados block, habría questions and repreguntas por parte de los moderatores. Both take advantage of the extensive experience in electoral debates, yet never have been involved in a dear to dear. Para Pastor, the most surprising was the tone: “Think that iba a ser más calmado y menos farragoso”. I interpreted that with fewer people there would be less crowds and that it would be more peaceful that this new discussion that I would lead with a reason for the Catalan elections of 2021, whereby the leaders of the main political forces were cited and among them they shouted and launched serious insults: this “criminals” hasta “fascistas”.

Off the 100 minutes of duration of the Sánchez-Feijóo (followed by 5.9 million spectators, 46.5% of the audience), the moderators faced the dilemma of when he intervened to try to recompose a dialogue that he was forced to convert into an indescribable guirigay casi desde el comienzo. “They are decisions that have to go back in thousands of seconds”, commented Pastor, aware that he quizá el primer blocked, dedicated to the economy, hubiera sido más eficaz intervening with more contundencia para que avoid que hablaran al mismo tiempo, se pisaran y se they accuse of using false stadísticas on the paro, the PIB or the pensions.

But also directly it is possible to have a verification of the allusion of economic figures that led the candidates between accusations to lie. Pastor asks: “¿Qué debería haber hecho, parar para verir un datum económico, por qué ese y no otro? Si hubiera parado las interventionciones hubiera entrado a debatir con ellos.

Para Vallés this was his fifth electoral quote. It should be noted that if the moderators intervene from very ready they will end up taking a leading role that does not correspond to them and if they intervene little they will be accused of taking the initiative to a candidate for a beneficiary or to judge the other. The periodist uses a similar futbolístico to explain the dilemma to which enfrentaron: “Ante un partido muy tenso, ¿en qué momento el árbitro decides to sacar la primera tarjeta amarilla? Si la saca muy pronto tal vez acaba expulsando a cinco y si la saca muy tarde, el partido se enreda y terminan todos a patadas”.

The two journalists, located in front of the table in which the two aspirants to the presidency of the Government were located, had the proposal not to intervene except in the case in which the speeches of the candidates would be interminable. But it happened todo the opposite. Vallés admits that he will be forced to intervene and stop the silence in los dos políticos to tidy up the debate. “Si hubiéramos intervenido all veces que se pisaban la palabra, aquello habría sido un discussion a cuatro”, he says with irony. Optaron por dejar que each aspirant will present before the audience as they are.

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El cara a cara de Atresmedia was conceived as a format in which applications can be consulted. “This allows for much more agility,” admits Vallés, who doesn’t appear partidario to take the microphone of one of the contenders while he habla the other. Make sure that the electoral space is not designed as if it were a parliamentary session, where times are strictly tasados ​​and the rules are not elastic. Los dos moderadores raises a long list of topical issues in the case of that Sánchez y Núñez Feijóo no hablaran de ellas. “Nosotros Planteamos el tema de la vivienda, ma el de la ley del only yes and yes, que también lo teníamos foreseen, surgió de una forma natural,” says Vallés. Pastor asked the popular leader for gender violence, an asunto escuridizo before the transfers of the PP to Vox en las comunidades in which governments have agreed.

With inflexible rules, the journalist Olga Viza clashed in this dear to dear of 2008 between the entonces president of the Gobierno, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and the aspirant Mariano Rajoy, organized by the Academia de Televisión. The details are meticulously controlled. There is no option to ask or repreguntas. All was timed. Viza recuerda que Zapatero took chips for one minute, two and three, to use according to the available time. The rhythm was encorsetado and the debate limited.

Faced with the frivolity that the Mondays reigned between the teams of Sánchez y Feijóo, the journalist contrasted the empathy of the one who hicieron gala Zapatero y Rajoy before and after they burned the fires in the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, completely empty and converted into a gigantic dish on what only staban los candidates, the moderator and a security person. After remembering that I waited for the start, Rajoy commented that he had been the previous day in León, the land of Zapatero, and that he had been in the morning. «Al acabar, los dos hcieron un aparte y hablaron. Se notaba que había empatía ”, also that the journalist has echado en falta in the case of Sánchez y Núñez Feijóo, co-protagonists of a debate“ en el que lei ha contado más el cómo que el qué ”. Therefore you are not surprised by the continuation of the interruptions. His conclusion is that it was a debate without information because “quizá se olvidaron a quién estaba dirigido”. And you wondered: “¿Valían la pena 100 minutos para esto”?

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