los hinchas claman por ver al astro argentino

Hong Kong (CNN) — Lionel Messi and his teammates from the Argentine selection temporarily “atrapados” in his hotel in Beijing at the end of the week as soon as they meet a large number of fans, fuera para ver a la estrella, inform los medios estatales chinos, mientras que la police alerted of the estafadores who intend to sacar provecho of the “Messimanía”.

Messi, who won Argentina to glory in the Mundial last year, received a warm bienvenida de los aficionados tras on Saturday as he landed in Beijing airport before a friendly match against Australia in the Chinese capital, which will spit este jueves.

“Messi” has quickly turned into a trendy theme on the red social china Weibo, as a more popular video for a few fans who enjoy entering the team hotel with the hope of seeing their idol.

The training session prior to the Argentine match retracted this Sunday for safety reasons, after an “outrageously passionate” hinchas prevented the team from going up to their hotel, Global Times informed citing the match organizers. Photos and videos show that the team has finally entered the domingo for the night.

A fan has been so eager to know Messi qu’estó 10,000 yuan (US $ 1,400) in accommodation of various luxury hotels in Beijing with the hope of seeing the star, dijo el medio estatal.

Costing 4,800 yuan (US$670), entry for the youth party into the 68,000-capacity Estadio de los Trabajadores was completed in 20 minutes, according to Global Times.

Fury for Messi in China 0:45

On the other hand, Beijing police have advised enthusiasts to be careful with the estafas, after an ad going viral on Weibo about a false dinner with Messi for 300,000 yuanes (US $42,000) per person.

The Beijing Public Security Bureau explained the rumor in its official Weibo report, bromendo: “If you can estafar 300,000 yuanes, nuestra Policía brindará por ti.”

Varias cuentas no officiales de Weibo afirmaban ofrecer pases VIP para el estadio, asientos en primera fila para el partido y camisetas de Argentina autografíadas a precios inflados.

Argentine Lionel Messi entered the Estadio Olímpico de Beijing on 11 June 2023.

Messi, 35, last visited China in 2017 with his former club Barcelona.

You are the oldest ganador of the Balón de Oro announced the last week’s miracles that he signed with Inter from Miami, from Major League Soccer, when he signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain on June 30th. Apparently, the notice caused revenue prices to pararan up to a 1,000% for some shares in Estados Unidos.

Between the meeting with Australia, Argentina will travel to Yakarta to dispute a friendship against Indonesia on June 19, however it is not clear whether Messi will participate in this match.