Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James announces his return to NBA season 21

(CNN) — Luego de la derrota in the Los Ángeles Lakers’ West Conference Finals before the Denver Nuggets in May, LeBron James hinted at a possible retirement después de cirle a los periodicistas que tenía “mucho en qué pensar.”

These miércoles, during the conference of the ESPYS awards 2023, the highest announcer of all times of the NBA announced that he would return to the Lakers for his 21st season in the Asociación Nacional de Baloncesto (NBA).

“No me importa cuántos puntos más anote o lo que pueda o no pueda hacer en la cancha. La verdadera pregunta para mí es: ¿puedo jugar sin hacer trampa en este game? El día que no pueda dar el game todo en el piso es the day it will end. Por suerte para ustedes, el día no es hoy”, dijo James.

The crowds in the Dolby Theater in Los Ángeles erected themselves in huge windows.

James has said on repeated occasions that he hoped to become an NBA judge alongside his mayor, Bronny James, compromised as a college professor at the Universidad del Sur de California. James will be able to participate in the NBA draft in 2024, the year in which his father completes 40 years.

“The people who draw me every year are to observe and enter a lot of people and their teammates,” James continued. “I see these children and I recover from this game. These children devuelven me from where I need to be, only pure love for this wonderful game. Así que sí, todavía me queda algo. Me queda mucho”.

The 38-year-old jugador received the record-breaking best award ever for winning Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the NBA’s time break scorer.