Last hour of the election, live | Coalición Canaria and the PP will secure an agreement to govern the community | Spain

PP and RPC hold a first meeting under the government of the region and participate in a second meeting

The first negotiating meeting between the PP and the PRC under the Gobernabilidad of Cantabria was held in a few months and without subsequent declarations by the members of the ambos teams, which took place in a meeting the following week. Without embargo, the sources of the parties explained in the middle of the meeting that the Popular Party and the Regionalists maintain the objective of “governing the most voted list” —the one of the PP, sin Vox—. From the PP he explained that in the next meetings the two parties will continue to advance “in the act of investment”, while from the PRC we learn that it is a question of attaching to a “listening program”.

The encuentro started at 10.00 in the regional Parliament and concluded when it only passed after 10.30. On the part of the PP, they took care of the autonomous secretary, María José González Revuelta, who acted as coordinator of the campaign, together with Isabel Urrutia, Iñigo Fernández and Roberto Media, and, in response to the PRC, they established the members of the integrated negotiating commission by the three vice secretaries of the party, Paula Fernández, Javier López Marcano and Guillermo Blanco, and by the deputy and mayor of Polanco, Rosa Díaz.

The PP was the past 28 of May the leader of the autonómicas elections in Cantabria and obtained 15 diputados, followed by the PRC, with 8; PSOE, también con ocho aunque con menos votos, y Vox, con cuatro. Among these achievements, the autonomous candidate of the PP and predictably future president of Cantabria, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, said that the “first option” is leading a single-handed PP government, together with the PRC general secretary and the regional president in functions, Miguel Ángel Revilla, on abstention in the investigation.

Desta forma se avoided a PP-Vox pact which Revilla assured, before the elections, that it was one of the reasons why he had decided to stand, in los 80 años, as a candidate of the PRC. (Agencies)