¡Juventus are out of the Superliga!

06/06/2023 at 16:58


The Italian team communicated in a paper to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid the intention to abandon the Superliga

The change of directive, clave en su acercamiento with UEFA

There Juventus of Turin communicated on paper to Real Madrid and Barcelona with the intention of leave the Super League. With this decision, the Italian team process to initiate legal proceedings to climb the project tras ser uno de los pilots of the European competition.

El Juventus leaving the Superliga suppose a paso más en el approach Between them Italian club and UEFA. El máximo European organism holds en el point of aim for the Turin team from time to time with thePlusvalias case‘y could be a sanctioned sin European competitions for next time.

Without embargo, the cambiography of the directive in the Italian club el pasado mes de enero ha positions acercado between UEFA and Juventus which seeks the complicity of the highest European body with a first step by leaving the Superliga.

There Juventus was sanctioned with 15 points this time to el marco de la Investigative prism for this plusvalías ficticias y maniobras irregular wages with some of your players. In case of sporting penalty European levelel club turinés podría no dispute la Conference League the coming year.