Jorge Macri: former president Mauricio Macri logged in as first candidate in the city of Buenos Aires

Jorge Macri, during a proselytizing act, el pasado 26 de junio.Jorge Macri (RR SS)

Other Macri will be able to travel to the city of Buenos Aires from October. El Electoral Tribunal of the Argentine capital has approved this Monday to Jorge Macri, first of the former president, to compete as a candidate for head of government. On postulation there was a cry in the alliance of the central government of the Juntos by the Exchange, from which he ended up imposing as candidate by the force of one of his leaders, Mauricio Macri, president of Argentina between 2015 and 2019 and alcalde of Buenos Aires during ocho años antes de llegar alla Casa Rosada.

The home front was not the only one agitating his candidacy. Intendant for more than a decade in another municipality, Jorge Macri’s candidacy was challenged by the izquierda y sector sones al Peronismo por no complir con los requisites de residencia. ¿Podía Macri postula sin haber vivido en la ciudad los five years before the election? According to the Electoral Tribunal of the city, he is in contact with cases that he lived in the past decades.

The decision endorsed the campaign in the Argentine capital, which will elect the new jefe de Gobierno during the general elections in October. The Tribunal responded to the two appeals presented by Vanina Biasi, pre-candidate of the izquierda, and by the national ex-senador Nito Artaza, who presented himself at the doors of the Peronist representation. Ambos appealed the Tribunal’s decision and hopes the city’s Supreme Court will review the decision. Another denunciation of the izquierda hopes that the Supreme Court will decide whether to intervene.

The city of Buenos Aires had a bastion of the derecha desde that Mauricio Macri won the elections in 2007. Macri governed it during ocho años y, al accessor a presidency, in 2015, la cedió el bastón a Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, que hope to repeat the movement in octubre.

The presidential elections are in the zone between the height of the ultraderecha and the debilitated of the ruling Peronism, but the city is a territory of little incógnita: without great opposition, whoever goes inside the Juntos por el Cambio is probably the gobierne. Rodríguez Larreta had sido a natural successor, but he could not elect his own. Macri, necessary to secure a box of power to decline to compete for the presidency, ended up imposing his force and suffered his first in the skin for the city at finals de mayo.

Jorge Macri was born in the city of Tandil, about 400 kilometers from the capital, 58 years ago. Empresario heredero y uno de los fundadores de Propuesta Republicana (PRO), the party he first created, entered his political career as a deputy of the province of Buenos Aires in 2005. In 2011 he was elected intendant of Vicente López, one of the municipalities más ricos de la provincia, pegado al nord de la capital. He was reelected in 2015 and 2019, and in 2021 he was awarded the license to integrate the cabinet of Rodríguez Larreta in the city as head of his ministries.

According to the Constitution of the city of Buenos Aires, no one born in the capital imposed them as a requirement to prove that they were vivid in the pendant five years prior to the elections of October. The article 97 of the magna paper calls for the candidatures “to place a habitual or permanent residency in it no less than the five years prior to the election fecha”. The interpretation of the Tribunal de esa “anterior” has destabilized the controversy. The Constitution establishes that it must be “immediate” in the negotiation of the election of legislators and judges in its articles 70 and 112, but it does not make the same clarification for the Jefe de Gobierno. Jorge Macri was able to demonstrate that he lived in the capital between 1981 and 2006 and the Court suficientely apelando god has a principle of participation: ante la duda, inclinarse por unadeción que favorzca la participation en las elecciones.

The pre-candidate Biasi qualified the decision as “macrismo explícito”. “As I anticipated, I will bet a juridical mamarracho,” she wrote on her Twitter account. The criticisms of which the Justice of the city plays in favor of the governing party have surrendered. Artaza, who pretended to be one of the candidates of Peronism and did not logró los swallows necessary, asked to be colder. “It’s incredible that the PRO, who rules the city for so long, don’t have a direct message that you can put more than a call,” he said in an interview with Clarin. “Unfortunately, we must have more judicial independence, it is one of the institutional failures that holds our country and the city”.

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