Joe Biden vows to fight ‘extreme and dangerous Republican agenda’

On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court reversed the Roe ruling vs. Wade, who guaranteed, since 1973, the right to abortion to American women throughout the country. A year after US President Joe Biden vowed on Saturday to fight against the “extreme and dangerous republican agenda”.

In the last year, states have regained their freedom to legislate, and a score of them have decreed in the process a ban or significant restrictions on access to abortion.

“State-level bans are just the beginning. Congressional Republicans want to ban abortion nationwide”assured, on Saturday, Joe Biden, in a press release published in the first year of the court decision.

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Scheduled events

The Democrat promised again that his administration would continue to do so ” to protect “ women’s health e “to call on Congress to restore” the constitutional right to abortion, which however has little chance of success, given the division of the two chambers between Democrats and Republicans.

The issue of abortion is tearing American society apart and could play a central role in the upcoming US presidential elections.

Several rallies and events are planned across the United States on Saturday, organized by pro- and anti-abortion protesters. A large rally is underway in the federal capital of the evangelical and conservative Faith and Freedom movement, which has made the ban on abortion one of its main battles, in which Donald Trump is expected to participate on Saturday.

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