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Robres (Huesca)

El municipality of Robres, in the province of Huesca, is considered by analysts of Spanish Ohio, a pequeño municipality that historically anticipates where the country will pass in the general elections.

Para llegar a Robres, a media hora de Zaragoza, desde nuestra anterior parada, Santo Domingo de Silos (La Rioja), hay que pasar por Borja. In one launch sober indecisos jamás la prueba la prueba la anciana che qui vive, Cecilia Giménez, la mujer más decidida del mundo since one day she decided to repin on her own initiative the eccéhomo de su iglesia.

For example, the case of Laura Capistros, who spends the night with her shoes at the municipal swimming pool of Robres, a real estate public square in this small village of Huesca who holds a church with her children who crotonate at the evening, a theater festival , a football club that is the organization of Los Monegros and 537 inhabitants in quienes analysts consider an electoral oracle capable of predicting the result of the general election.

According to this, the profile of the undecided four days before the elections is the young and rural woman. Quite the opposite of what Laura represents, which in the verse she prefers as a song by Silvio Rodríguez “Que por un fuego que no des a tiempo, puede no soil el sol”. A titled theme Against indecision: compuesto por el cubano contra los tibios

Robres is, together with Almendralejo, in Extremadura, an electoral referent because los altibajos que sufren allí, en las municipales, los grande partidos suelen are reproduced en las generales para toda España. In the last local elections, the PP obtained 180 votes in Robres (52%) against 158 ​​in the PSOE (46%). Four years before, in 2019, the PSOE won the elections with a 56% of the votes and so subsequently, hasta llegar a la UCD, has been anticipating what next time will pass in La Moncloa, just as he succeeds in Ohio with whom he will occupy the Casa Blanca.

The trend towards Robres has begun to decline since 2015, when the irruption of new partisans has ended in bipartidism y la duda entró en el pueblo, come entró en el cuerpo de Laura. She keeps clear that she is de izquierdas and her indecision of her se mueven entre el PSOE y Sumar. “Estoy davvero asustada por la llegada de Vox. I feel tired of losing rights and freedoms that seem to have been conquered, mainly, by the type of country that meets my wife. A country where abortion, macho violence or advances for the collective are called for trans”, summarized. “I want to vote on Yolanda Díaz because I’m very happy with her management and I am attracted by the idea of ​​seeing a female citizen converted into president”, she says, “pero me debato entre mis deseos y el voto útil”.

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Capistros, 38, is an atypical case in a village that lives off the field and the ganadería. He has raised a negotiation for the sale of organic and gluten-free products (Laura without refining) in a layer who loves el trigo and meat. He has always voted for the PSOE and sometimes for Ciudadanos, in a clear example of this exchange of votes by Belén Barreiro, director of 40dB, he says that va de los naranjas a los socialistas e no a los populares

Tampoco indecision is a problem in Robres, with turnout in the final election exceeding 82%. Precisely, this is the goal of Pedro Sánchez, who apocas horas after the conversation with Laura, llegó a Huesca in an intent to move to the provinces that more escaños move to give the turn to the encuestas.

One of the most recent cases of contradiction between pronósticos and results occurred in Colombia in 2016 with the plebiscite for peace. Just one day before the vote, all the “todas” meetings preceded a yes victory for the peace agreement between President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC guerrillas. The final result, no embargo, nada tuvo que ver y, finally, won the no and the plebiscite was called plebiscide.

While analysts try to find an explanation for such a mistake, they discover that the evangelical churches, de corte conservative, have begun to move up to a million votes in a few days since they did not anticipate it. Se los encuestadores quieren saber qué el domingo will succeed no deben dejar de pasar por Robres o preguntarle all’anciana de Borja qué pasa en las iglesias.

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