In Guatemala the elections against the background of the authoritarian drift

No political scientist dares to predict the name of the candidate who will emerge victorious at the polls on Sunday 25 June, during the first round of the presidential elections. But all specialists are certain: his political project will be decidedly oriented to the right. During these five months of campaigning, the candidates with the best positions in the polls reaffirmed their obedience to God, their opposition to legal abortion, their defense of private property and their admiration for the authoritarian policy against criminal gangs carried out in El Salvador. close by President Nayib Bukele.

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Left-wing speech and ideas disappeared from the debate, while the People’s Liberation Movement (MLP, the main left-wing party) was prevented from participating in these elections. Its candidate, Thelma Cabrera, eliminated from the race because her candidate in the race was under investigation – a pretext, according to many human rights organizations – nevertheless continues to campaign: she is trying to elect representatives of her party in the legislative elections and municipal elections, also held on Sunday, to nominate 160 deputies, 340 mayors and 20 representatives of the Central American Parliament.

With a small team, he travels around the country and invites the population to public places. “Sometimes we are prevented from holding meetings in the main square. But that doesn’t stop us, we settle down on the next street or at the market”, smiles the 52-year-old woman, who proudly wears the traditional clothing of her Maya Mam people.

“There is no democracy”

In the town of San Pedro Sacatepéquez, an hour’s drive from the capital, the MLP takes out just a few flags and quickly installs a sound system for its meeting. A small compact crowd waits, stoic, under a scorching sun, to listen to the leader’s speech: “This Guatemala is still being decided without us, the indigenous peoples, there is no democracy, there is no justice, but we must raise our heads and keep our dignity”Thelma Cabrera harangue, raised fist.

“Here in San Pedro, the population is mostly indigenous and what Thelma says will be very popular, assures Sonia Kurarray, 34, who left her business to go and listen to her. He invites us to vote NULL for the presidency to highlight our disagreement with his eviction. She is the only indigenous in the political landscape and they had the courage not to let her escape. We are all very upset. » The crowd lines up to take selfies alongside her, and the candidate sets off on a battered bus to another public square.

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