Ibra retired | Ibra cuelga las botas: “He’s in the moment”

06/05/2023 at 00:15


His scoring retires from football between 988 matches and 573 goals spread across all teams he has played and his selection

“He has reached the moment of saying adiós al fútbol, ​​no a vosotros. Me habéis recibido con los brazos abiertos, seré milanista el resto de mi vida”, said from the center of the San Siro field

El Milan homenajeo a Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will dejará el fútbol. The delantero sueco marche runs a campaign in which he only wore shorts on four occasions due to a rodilla injury, but on paper in the AC Milan club in this second stage semper fue más allá de lo soccer.

This time Ibra can’t keep the character and he’s lost. A sea of ​​tears flooded his eyes when he spoke to the microphone to get rid of the clothes, one of the last sentiments before his aficion and companions, who engalanaroned for the occasion with a shirt that wore his name and hicieron a pass at the San Siro for send them back with honors.

“Has llegado el momento de cir adiós al fútbol, not a vosotros. Me habéis recibido con los brazos abiertos, seré milanista el resto de mi vida “, dijo lui desde el centro del campo de San Siro, cuando lui se despidió de afición y compañeros.

“La primera vez que estuve en el Milan me disteis alegría, la segunda vez me disteis amor. Agradezco a mi familia por su paciencia, luego a la segunda familia o a los jugadores y al trainer con su cuerpo técnico. Thank you also to the directives for the opportunity that toasted me. I also appreciated the enthusiasts from the bottom of my heart who recibided me with the brazos abiertos. I’m a fan of Milan de por vida,” he added.

Football is retired between 988 matches and 573 goals distributed in all the clubs it has been in and its selection.

Ibra, who will accumulate 42 years in October, already in Milan as an authentic myth and spent a while on fire, but in which his paper of a transcendental figure in clothing was impeccable. Always respected, both by players and by the technical body, he will lead the historic past time, the 2021-22, to the champion of the ‘Scudetto’ until the highest between 13 years without achieving the title.

“On roll he always has the side of a great motivator and a great player, I hope he can follow his position”, said his coach, the Italian Stefano Pioli, on February 10, in which he was on the first call of the time.

Yes, before this day before Turin, in which there was still no game, Ibra was recovering from the operation that had been entrusted with his running at the campaign finals.

The sueco ram played on 22 May 2022, against Sassuolo, the last game of the season 2021-22 who crowned Milan as champion of the ‘Scudetto’ 13 years after his last conquest.

Three days after that match, Ibra passed by quirófano to operate on the izquierda rodilla, an intervention that separated her from the playing grounds during the last few months.

No debut in the present temporada until February 26 against Atalanta. Four league matches followed and one with Suecia were enough to know that he still wasn’t in time to be recovered, because he flew until the end of the half.

A campaign in which, weighed on the complication of the back, achieved a new record. He named him having played only four games and 126 minutes in a red shirt, which says ready. On the 18th of March, with 41 years and 166 days, Ibra was awarded a penalty, in the second intention and before Udinese, thus becoming the player of the most and annotating in Serie A to overcome Alessandro Costacurta.

Although the record was sure that he already had a good sabor de boca, he no longer had to be very difficult for international football, which had to come off the bench as his team would reach one of the semifinals of the Liga de Campeones and the loss before Inter , the greatest rival, in which hubiera sido a reencuentro invaluable with a passion that a day animated it.

In his expedition to San Siro he recorded his two etapas. The primera began 13 years ago, allá por 2010, cuando lui militó pendante dos años antes de irse al PSG. The second, with the demand for botas, from 2020 and until 2023, in a completely full stadium, with 70,000 fans, despidió to one of the legends of him.

His account is a figure of 93 goals and 35 assists adding up his 116 parts in two phases and 988 parts in which he scored 573 goals distributed in all the clubs that have been and his selection, but a much greater legacy in what It was also included back ‘Scudetti’ and a Supercoppa d’Italia.