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More than 300 engineers from 33 countries they signed an open map que pide all’Unión Europea que piense bien cómo quiere controlar el intercambio digital de material pedophile: “The efficacy of the law is based on the existence of tecnologías de scaneo efectivas. Unfortunately, the scanning technologies that exist today and that are on the horizon are profoundly flawed,” says the text, signed by two Turing prize winners (who is considered the Nobel of Computing) experts in cryptography, Ron Rivest and Martín Hellman. The technical difficulties in the intentions of the politicians are algo que hasta ahora había quedado fuera de la discusión. This map quiere remedy.

The engineers admit the loable objective of limiting childish exploitation, but believe that the European initiative alone can create many problems for the rest of citizens and convert our mobiles into potential constant espionage devices: “It is so important that the technical side appears in the debate as the public se entere de lo que están preparando en Bruselas, así de puntillas”, said Carmela Troncoso, Spanish researcher at the Escuela Politécnica Federal de Lausana and one of the promoters of the map. “Sería como poner una camara en nuestros salones para grabar todo y decir: ‘solo se mandará si es spechoso’”.

Just as encrypted messaging works, the only way your content can be analyzed is on each user’s mobile device. Mientras circulan are inaccessible without dismantling the cipher, one of the pillars of privacy of communications on line: “The cipher is the only tool we have to protect our data in the digital environment; se demonstrated that todas las demás herramientas están comprometidas”, says the map.

The review of the devices can be sent now without añadir that, according to the signatories of the card, there will be a “spy software” in the mobile phones of all European citizens. “These tools function apparently by scanning the content in the user’s device before it has been encrypted or after it has been decrypted, and then they will inform each time that it contains illegal material”, says card. “Se can equip this a gregar videocameras en nuestros hogares para escuchar cada conversación y enviar informes cuando hablamos de temas ilícitos”.

“The main intention of the map is already clear that the technology is incapable, it is because muchos creen que si es válida,” explained Carmela Troncoso. “We believe that it is as important that regulators as the public keep all the information about the technological limits,” she added.

From the political point of view, everything seems much more important. Serían los provider de servicios (las apps) quienes deberían encargarse de encontrar el material delictivo: “Las reglas propuestas obligarán a los providere a detector, inform y deleter material de abusio sexual infantile en sus servicios”, says the proponent of the proposal, the popular Spanish MEP Javier Zarzalejos. “Suppliers must evaluate and mitigate the risk of undue use of their services and the averages that if tomen deben ser proportional to this risk and subject to conditions and solid safeguards”. From a technical point of view, these are enviables, says the card. Apple abandoned there in 2022 a similar initiative in multiple devices for mobile.

“As scientists, we do not hope that if feasible in the next 10 to 20 years we will develop a solution that can be implemented on user devices without illegal information filtering and that can detect reliable knowledge content, this is decided, with an acceptable number of Falsos Positivos y Negatives,” says the map. This is a reference to los falsos positivis es clave.

Falsos positives with erotic images

How this technology works is assigned a large number (hashes) to each known image of pedophilia. When a hub is matched on a device, it will skip advertising for authorities. But this is technically lleno de agujeros: it is trivial to slightly vary a criminal image so that it varies the hashesand it is also possible to create legal images with hashes Delictivos para inundar de trabajo a las autoridades y hacerles waste la tempo.

This problem will prove, therefore, that millions of perfectly legal images come before the eyes of agents charged with reviewing these false positives: it generates millions of errors every day,” he clears the card. “This means that when you scan thousands of millions of images, videos, texts and audio messages per day, the cantidad of false positives will be hundreds of millions. Also because it is probable that most of the positive falsehoods are deeply private images, probably intimate and completely legal, sent between adults who agree”. This sentence has clearly implied that the authorities can acquire millions of private erotic images, which have been interchanged by European citizens for their own place.

In the map, the specialists prevent además otros dos serious issues: los pedófilos encontrarían otras vías sofisticadas para intercambiar su material, aún más lesjos de los jos de las autoridades, y que esta nueva ley abaría por debilitar más la Sensão escasa de privacidad que otorgan los móviles. With this software installed on phones, it’s hard not to think the authorities will procure more: ‘We hope to have a substantial grip on politics to broaden your career. Primero para detectar recruitment of terrorists, luego otras actividades delictivas y luego el discurso disident”, says the charter. Less democratic governments only tend to expand the database to obtain other types of content that is not available and which contains child pornography.

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