Haraldsson, the new pearl of Icelandic football

07/24/2023 at 20:28


The young Nordic striker of 20 years ago shone in Lille, in his new team transferring him from Kopenhagen, from where he rose to the Champions League

Su parecido físico y técnico con il balón inevitably compare him with Antoine Griezmann

Weighted on geography and population, tan alone holds 300,000 inhabitants, Islandia probably sea one of the countries where younger football stars triumfan in the international panorama by square meter. The clearest example is the recent participation in its selection sub-19 in the Campeonato de Europa of the category held in Malta. It stinks good, the latest big number that promises to mark a moment in the football of this country and Hákon Arnar Haraldsson.

El solo tan attack 20 años ya shone in el Lille weighs a estar aún in pretemporada. In the last friendship of the Paulo Fonsecas, Haraldsson marked three of the six goals that the English team sent them to the Belgian Círculo Brujas. Yes, Haraldsson plays football in his blood, and all his family members have played the sport. His fathers of him hicieron did years ago and now his two hermanos of him accompany them on the adventure playing in the Valur Reikjavík and the branch of the English club respectively.

The young Icelandés, who are international with their selection of their selection playing once parties and scoring a goal, destaca por su polivalencia y versatilidad atacante pudiendo jugar en cualquier posición, desde el delantero centro hasta mediocentro pasando por la mediapunta o cualquiera de los dos extremos. A el Kopenhague saben bien de su técnica de him. He arrived in 2019 when he marched from home and from the beginning marcó nueve goles además departer oI cho assistance in los 58 parties that disputed with los daneses, experts in empowering young talent and getting income from them in the form of sales. In the Champions League he went up against Sevilla, Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund, from which he won a great match.

The precocity with which Hákon Arnar Haraldsson shone in the elite has the inevitable echo that compares with other jugadores. La más sencilla is talking to his compatriot Eidur Gudjohnsen for his physiognomy, but ya hay experts who say that he is the new Antoine Griezmann for various similarities comparing the ambos jugadores. Entre ellas destacan su capacidad to define goal to goal, your vision of the game, your handling of the ball, the defensive compromise and the launch of the ball in more attractive positions such as the center of the field or even between the centre-backs.

Haraldsson is still very young and his technique has improved considerably, but if that is not the case, he has been called upon to make a number on the international scene