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Feijóo: “I hope that all the people who have requested the vote by mail keep it”

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, participated this Saturday in an electoral act of his formation in Vitoria. “I hope and wish this campaign was good, and I first wish that all the people who have requested the ballot by mail hold it so that they can vote and exercise a constitutional right that is fundamental in a consolidated democracy like Spain,” he said. I said at the beginning of his intervention Feijóo, that at the end of this week he seemed doubtful about the guarantees of the vote by mail. This strategy of seeming suspicious in this form of voting has been ensayed over the years in the trayectoria of the power in Galicia of the now national candidate of the PP.

Feijóo, who I will also be in the acts of the PP in Logroño and Pamplona, ​​denied the good brand of the Spanish economy, and weighs that the number of affiliates to the Seguridad Social is in record numbers —cases 20.9 million of de cotizantes— y el PIL ya has surpassed the pre-pandemic figures. “It is evident that the Spanish economy does not go like a motorcycle,” said Feijóo, who added: “Our economy has not grown and we have the same GDP in the year 2019”.

“Hemos perdido cinco años, nos hemos empobrecido más, nos hemos endeudado más, hemos pagado más impuestos y hemos perdido poder adquisitivo. Consequently, the economy in the street, in the tiendas, in the supermarkets, the real estate, the housekeeper, the people, the pensioners, the workers, does not go like a motorbike, on the contrary. We took five years siendo el Pepito Grillo de Europa y teniendo el penúltimo puesto, con Chequia, de toda la UE”, criticized Feijóo.

The president of the PP said that his goal, in connection with La Moncloa, is “es que España se una de las tres European economies that más grow”, obviando that this 2023 España is the main euro economy that will grow the most. “Si crecemos, vamos a crear empleo. If we make use and grow the economy, we can control and remove the taxes. If this is so, people will tend to more available money and will be able to consume more, and entonces empieza a funcionar la rueda, en el buen sentido de advance ”, he added.

“Vamos a pasar página a la voracidad fiscal. 42 impuestos han subido,” Feijóo assured. Without the embargo, the Tax Agency’s reinstatements of each year’s finals do not recognize such a large number of changes to the lift. They are six in 2021 and new in 2022. These must be added to the three temporary taxes that entered into force this year —to the bank, energy and great fortune—, the increase of the type of horror in the IRPF or the limitation to 50% in the Impuesto de Sociedades has the possibility of offsetting the losses of the subsidiaries of the consolidated groups. In all, the number of taxes he has suffered is very low of 42, and he has also used rebajas in some IRPF tramos for the lowest rents and in other taxes.

Además, Feijóo has vuelto a decir, as is being repeated these days in the countryside, that one of his first medical measures will be open to an IRPF rebaja for rents less than 40,000 euros to be governed by the general elections of July 23rd.