FIFA and IFAB carry out pilot trials in Europe on possible modifications of the fuera de juego in football

(CNN in Spanish) — El fútbol podría give a “Copernican tour” en su reglamentación sobre el fuera de juego (in English offside) since FIFA and the International Football Association Board (IFAB) approved the Ley Wenger call.

This match is all about conquering the fuera of the game when a soccer player holds all his heart to defeat the penultimate rival. O sea, which will not be an infringement always and when a part of the body is in line with the last defender, told CNN sources with access to the work of individual bodies of international football.

El nuevo modelo de posición adelantada se encuentra en “fase de prueba”, has carácter “experimental”, y se estando a cabo en categories “minores” no profesionales en Suecia, Italia y los Países Bajos. In the case of Sweden, they will join the sub-21 masculina and sub-19 femenina, confirming the mismas fuentes to CNN.

This possible modification in this important aspect of the game is based on a proposal that has suggested años atrás Arsene Wenger, current director of disarrollo of FIFA, además de exfutbolista y exentrenador.

“Arsene Wenger sugiriò. Dudamos a little at the beginning, ma después sentimos que estaba bien, que debíamos participar de esto. FIFA nos lo vendió bien. jefe de desarrollo de la federación sueca, según publicó Infobae quoting the local Expressen media.

Currently the position in question is based on other parameters that are based on IFAB regulation 11, which follows it:

“If you consider that a player is in position outside the game when his head, trunco ​​​​​​or pierna (pie included) is encuentran, totally or partially, more try the goal line contrary to the ball and the penultimate opponent “.

Decir, when any part of the body of a footballer who is attacking, at least that sea, for the front of the penitentiary defender with the possibility of hitting the ball sanctioned as adelantado, cobrando fuera de juego and indirect free throw for the rival.

A line play marks offside or game fuera (Credit: Patrick Goosen/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

Miguel Scime, a former member of the Comisión Arbitral de la Conmebol and former director of the Escuela de Árbitros de AFA, told CNN that this experimental rule will be excellent for the game if confirmed. He considers that the will give more speed to the decision of the referees and, además, would allow to give a leap of emotion in the match with a probable increase in the cantidad of goals.

For example, in the Mundial of Qatar 2022, the delantero of the Argentina selection Lautaro Martínez the annular two goals for positions adelantadas milimétricas in the debut against Saudi Arabia, which arouses a lot of controversy and surprises the protagonists and even the fans.