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El Sevilla never fails. In a final agony of 147 minutes of play, counting all the players, he took his seventh Liga Europa in the penalty tanda. A goal from Montiel, like in the final of the Mundial with Argentina, shows that the andaluces will achieve glory before a Roma that revives its poor pesadilla. La de 1984, cuando también also lost a Copa de Europa in the stadium before Liverpool. Also in the penalty area. Glory, once more, and mystique, accompanied Sevilla, the new runner of the trophy that most wanted. More vez, yes, more vez. In the triumph, it was impossible not to hablar de Bono, who hit three anthological paradas there saved a penalty in the tanda. Tras un año convulso, el Sevilla flew to suffer in heaven. Nunca laughs. Ni ante esta Roma tan canchera.


Bono, Jesús Navas (Montiel, 94 mins), Loic Bade, Gudelj (Marcao, 127 mins), Alex Telles (Rekik, 94 mins), Rakitic, Bryan Gil Salvatierra (Lamela, 45 mins), Fernando (Joan Jordán, min.128), Óliver Torres (Suso, min.45), Lucas Ocampos and En-Nesyri



Rui Patrício, Ibañez, Smalling, Gianluca Mancini, Matic (Edoardo Bove, min. 120), Leonardo Spinazzola (Llorente, min. 105), Cristante, Zeki Celik (Nicola Zalewski, min. 90), Paulo Dybala (Wijnaldum, min. 67), Tammy Abraham (Belotti, 74 mins) and Lorenzo Pellegrini (El Shaarawy, 105 mins)

gorges 0-1 min. 34: Paulo Dybala. 1-1 min. 54: Gianluca Mancini (pp).

Referee Anthony Taylor

Tarjetas amarillas Matic (21 min.), Rafa Mir (36 min.), Lorenzo Pellegrini (44 min.), Gianluca Mancini (47 min.), Cristante (65 min.), Zeki Celik (74 min.), Nicola Zalewski (min. 105), Lamela (109 mins), dos Santos Mourinho Félix (119 mins), Montiel (123 mins), Lucas Ocampos (129 mins) and Karsdorp (130 mins)

Few entrepreneurs are capable of dominating the environment like Mourinho. In the previa, signaling that Dybala was only to play 30 minutes, in the game, with a string of gestures and indications that surtieron efecto in a Rome that was a rock for Sevilla. Además, el equipo italiano se dio el gustazo de surprising al de Mendilibar en los primeros compases del chocque. Roma went up eagerly, cheerfully, pissing the field of Sevilla, when all the previous analyzes signaled a certain repliegue intensive de los romanistas. For nada. Pujante y fuerte, sin fútbol ma con anticipation y mucha velocidad, Roma created a clear opportunity for 12 minutes, when Bono saved Spinazzola’s disappearance. Ya tried to make diabluras Dybala, the diferencial futbolista of the final, the most talented. Sevilla ran into primera with the form to surprise Roma. Neither por las bandas nor por el centro, con un juego plano y demasiado predictable. Only Fernando Sostenía knew how to equip in defense. Ocampos and Gil did not enter the game, while Óliver Torres dropped in his place before any contact with any rival.

In this panorama desalentador para el Sevilla, occurred the one that should never occur in a finale. Y más ante a team like Mourinho. Rakitic felt the love of Cristante and began to think that English Taylor was going to end up. Big mistake. Mancini had precious time to launch a deep pass to Dybala, who met a hueco perfecto between Badé and Navas with the defense salient. The champion of the world precisely defined. El partido se puso como dicta el libro de Mourinho. A goal por delante ante un equipo sin arevimiento ni overflowed. Rome, well away atrás, seemed like the panic. I didn’t take the second because Sevilla, in the end, had the equipment to settle in the final minutes of the first half. To get a final hay that also atacar, solve the complexes and intends to play in the opposite field. La tuvo primero Fernando y luego llegó, in el minute 51, the best chance of Sevilla with a shot from Rakitic to the post. In the end, Sevilla showed symptoms of rebellion. In Rome, qualquier falta en contra was sinónimo de agravio, con sus jugadores protestando de forma desaforada, como todo su banquillo. Raise the Mou method.

And, suddenly, el Sevilla comenzó a jugar. Mendilibar metio a Suso y Lamela. Los dos le change la cara all’equipo Andalusia, más trevido, con capacidad para pisar campo opposing y show them to Roma quién había ganado six finals anteriors de este tournament. For many minutes, the Sevilla players recover that energy they always show in this competition. Sometime in Rome, a middle center in the area put Mancini in his own goal. The Italian team, seguro hasta entonces, started to doubt. It was replenished in the area of ​​it, hoping for better times. Salvo de milagro. El ímpetu del Sevilla translates to llegadas al área. The Hizo Estragos triangle of Navas-Ocampos-Suso. In the 75th minute, Taylor pitó penalized a possible derribo from Ibáñez to Ocampos. Having consulted the VAR, the Englishman changed his decision.

Claro, who also saved Bono before Abraham in a small box game. Lo de este portero no holds number. Too bad Dybala, sold, Belotti entered. In the 83rd minute, the Italian delantero was looking for a mark. With Bono de estrella, it seemed that Sevilla was better suited to the extension. The balón was always de los andaluces, but so was the honey. Dos equipos cansados ​​​​​​y temerosos limit themselves to echarse el balón al pie. More technical than Sevilla, Roma are always strong, with a brilliant Smalling in the air. Los de Mourinho has been missing out on consistent form. Desgarrados y medio muertos, los dos equipos entregaron à la suerte de los penaltys tras a final agonico, en el que Smalling launched a row to the large boat.

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