El futuro de Messi, los partidos con la selecciona Argentina y la visita su país

(CNN Español) — Luego de una fria despedida, Messi y el club París Saint Germain (PSG) bifurcaron sus caminos. The personal and football fate of the iconic player is unknown for now.

Messi’s contract with the Parisian team ended in the junior finals, and there was no fieno nada concrete nor seguro sobre lo que sigue.

It is important to note that, in the maioría de las ligas de Europa, the mercado de pases will open on July 1st and will end between August 31st and September 1st.

Jorge Messi, father and representative of the superstar, took this Monday sober the possibility of returning to FC Barcelona. He dijo que a su hijo di lui “la gustaría”, but también agregó que “hay mucho por conversar”.

Without embargo, Messi’s father enfrió the expectation of the followers of the culé team. Según explained it to the Catalan journalist Carlos Monfort, of Jijantes FC, “está bastante complicado” on his return to Barcelona pues “depende de muchas cosas”. He added that he will soon announce the player’s decision.

At the same time, according to Goal, the conversations with Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia began on the initiative of Messi, who will soon post the negotiations until 2024.

In any case at Inter de Miami (MLS), which most of the public demonstrations of querer sumar a Messi have known plantel, the mismas no se han has resulted in a negotiation between the parties.

Meanwhile, the player meets with his family in Paris in the hope of resuming the Argentine selection to accept the next expected compromises.

With the albiceleste jugará dos partidos amistosos. One of them before Australia —the team that won in the round of 8 of the final at the Copa del Mundo de Qatar— on June 15 in Beijing, with timetable to confirm. The other compromise will be on June 19 against Indonesia, in Yakarta, even with the time to be defined.

Between these desafíos, Messi could travel to Argentina from where he will celebrate June 24 on cumpleaños número 36. That Messi was invited, but aún did not confirm his assistance.

On June 25th another exastro of Argentine football, Juan Román Riquelme, could achieve his depedited match in the legendary Bombonera. To confirm, Riquelme added that the taste that Messi will be part of the gala of him.

He just decides that the final no is more than the announcement of a new story. In Messi’s life a new amanecer appears, even if now he doesn’t know whence it will be.