El fichaje de Cuadrado at Inter enfurece a la hinchada de Turin

07/19/2023 at 22:49


Juan Guillermo Cuadrado has been transformed into a new Inter de Milan jugador to play for a while in Serie A

The Juventus striker didn’t send her especially the Colombian’s blood transfusion and she sent her a message today during her medical visits in Milan

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado if he officially converted into jugador del Inter MilanJuventus’s greatest historical rival, and on his breath, sparked a wave of hatred among the most radical aficionados of the Turin club.

Squareque ha sido un símbolo del equipo negriblanco hasta la temporada pasada, se ha visto obligado a look for a new team After the Turin team cannot renew his contract due to economic problems. After the first moment, main object of the colombian jugador has sido play in a team that will compete in the big European leagues, so that the technician of the Selección de Colombia aún counts with él, but nadie hoped to be a rival team in Serie A.

When I find a point to make the decision de irse in Arabia He took in an offer that completely destabilized him at the last hour. Inter in Milan, the greatest historical rival of Juventus, can only take the option to play in Serie A for a longer time and Cuadrado, without more delay, accepted. This gesture by part of the Colombian extremo is seen as a ‘traction‘ inside the columns of the turinesa hinchada (la Curva Norte), which have not been delayed sending them to mensaje.

Cuando Cuadrado took these miracles to the Humanitas Clinic of Milan with the end of perizar los médicos exams the esperaban ultras of the conjunto ‘neroazurri’from which he knew the news of his llegada, supporting a large paper that decía the following: “Hasta ahora has hecho de todo para que te odien, se es el cosa que que quieres, tu tienes que demostrar“.

To weigh all this, the management does not have the thought of slowing down the transfer process I hope los trámites del fichaje if done successfully esta tarde para acabar de incorporar al colombian tightrope walker.