El Ajax presents its first card

05/29/2023 at 19:03


Van den Boomen is the first incorporation ‘ajacied’ for the next course

The soccer player comes from Toulouse English, where he completed a great campaign

Ajax has formalized the first incorporation at the next course. El conjunto de Amsterdam, in a chaótica temporada en la Eredivisie, decided to strengthen itself to recover the throne of los Países Bajos.

The first player in the league is Branco van den Boomen, who landed at the Johan Cruyff Arena before Toulouse de la Ligue 1 tras acabar contracted with the entity of sur inglés.

With Van den Boomen, el Ajax ficha todo un especialista en las faltas. On ease of use create a balon parado perilousone of the best in this facet of all Ligue 1, the convierte en a constant amusement for rivals. When throwing corners or faltas, both laterally and more centered, Van den Boomen can change to complete a game.

In his 27 years, the midfielder also destaca by the ability he holds de occupy distinct positions in the medulla. Still used to play midtowntambién cumple con creces de defensive midfielder for the height (1.88m). For supuesto, también es peligroso of detrás del delanterocloser to the box, for his exuberant golpeo de balón and his flair for creating play.