Dommaraju Gukesh won Ajedrez Magnus Carlsen’s campaign in his group 17

(CNN) — The best birthday present for the grandmaster d’ajedrez Dommaraju Gukesh who stole the world number 1 and five times champion, Magnus Carlsen.

On his 17th birthday, the young Indian player from Ajedrez won against Magnus Carlsen in the prueba de blitz prior to the Ajedrez Noruega tournament.

Between the match, the organizers presented Gukesh with a crayon to celebrate both cumpleaños and victoria.

When asked to prepare for the next day’s games by starting mucho pastel, they replied, “Ojalá.”

The blitz case where Gukesh beat Carlsen was once celebrated to determine the cabezas de cada jugador streak in the classic case you see continued.

In the tournament, held in Stavanger, Noruega, 10 jugadores competed together in a sketch of todos contra todos.

The winner will receive approximately US$68,400, but the classified segment will collect US$36,500.

In addition to Gukesh and Carlsen, they compiled a series of the best players in the world, such as Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana.

After three games of the official tournament, Gukesh occupied the cuarto puesto of the standings, with one win, one derrota and one empate.

Magnus Carlsen in the blitz prueba.

Carlsen occupied the eighth position, sin ninguna victoria, tras dos empates y una derrota. Caruana covers the standings.

Last week, Carlsen staged his first tournament since relinquishing the world campaign title he’d been sporting for a decade.

“It’s good to show that I only retired for a couple of days”, I said I went to the Superbet Rapid & Blitz de Polonia tournament.

Gukesh quickly rose to the ajedrez tras irrumpir scene when he was young.

Le faltaron 17 días para converter en el gran maestro de ajedrez más joven de la historia, title obtuvo con 12 años, sei meses y 17 días, solo unas semanas más que el ruso Sergey Karjakin. Hence, Abhimanyu Mishra broke the record, convirtiéndose en el gran maestro de ajedrez más joven with 12 años, four months and 25 days.