Del Teresa Helbig ‘medieval’ at DelPozo de archivo: the most sophisticated guests of Tamara Falcó’s boda | Fashion

Little, very little if he has been able to see the bodies of Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva up to that moment. Paraphrasing a la novia no hemos visto ni “un nanosegundo en el metaverso” de este link. Segun ah published El Paísall must be that the novices confiscated the guests’ furniture to protect an exclusive with the magazine HI!which is valued at an average of millions of euros.

What we can be present through the Instagrams of the guests, are some sophisticated looks among many predictable and uninteresting styles. Destacan Eugenia Silvia and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo as the shoulders of the most elegant guests hasta el momento. As decimos, until now he only saw a very small part of what happened in El Rincón, the palace where the boda was celebrated before 200 guests.

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo selected a medieval court dress by Teresa Helbig. (Instagram)

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo entrusted on this occasion in one of his leading stylists: the Catalan Teresa Helbig. It has also been the signature that has chosen to win the past edition of the Goya awards and in other important moments in which it has obtained its elegant and always special designs. For the body of Tamara Falcó she chose a vestido in a tono de amarillo muy clarito de corte medieval that took a large beaded pájaro. She combined it with a tiara-style braid and medieval-style jewelry. The sides and the body of the dress are bordered with the nesting technique.

In an interview published in S Fashion Teresa Helbig tells us about our clients: “El lema del taller es ‘todas estamos muy buenas’. Cualquier mujer, si lei sabe arreglarse, si lei sabe vestirse con su traje de guerra di lei, puede destacar siendo ella misma,” explained the designer.

Detail of Teresa Helbig by Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. Photo: Getty

Through the account of Instagram of Eugenia Silva we also managed to see the choice of one of the most attentive models and fashion companies in our country. Silva shot her archive and published for a vintage designer by DelPozo. It is a piece of haute couture that belongs to the collection that Josep Font designed for his signature in the year 2016. He created this piece following an artisanal work methodology attentive to the smallest details that grant a high exclusivity. Through this election I give a wonderful home to creation because through the work of creative geniuses like Josep Font, our fashion history has returned to the most important capitals of the world, dejando un reconocido sello español. Its exceptional tray can be contemplated in the exhibition Joseph Font. Beautiful and concerned in the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum. Thank you very much to DelPozo for allowing me to light up this wonderful high-end piece today. And I love Josep who in such a magical moment accompanied me, filled with emotion, as was the celebration of my 40th birthday,” wrote the model in the post.

Eugenia Silva, with a vintage 2016 DelPozo. Photo: Instagram

Precisely with the motivation of the exhibition at the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum, S Moda had the opportunity to chat with Josep Font, one of the greatest stylists in the history of Spanish fashion. To list just a few of his great logs by him, Font was in the first Spanish designer invited by Anna Wintour to the Met gala. “Todo el mundo quería come al desfile, admiraban tu trabajo y se te acercaban a decírtelo; alas he was aware of the repercussions. All the actresses need to dress him”. The list is endless and from the heights that came the DelPozo teacher with Josep Font at the front: Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Keira Knightley, Zendaya, Margot Robbie… “Nos decían: ‘Now I want Delpozo in the best shop in Hong Kong ‘, y yo corría to communicate it to the highest. Lo vivimos de una forma muy bonita todo el equipo. It was a gift poder hacer Delpozo, hacer lo que yo quería. I wasn’t happy enough in life. Fui muy feliz,” he continues S Fashion the creator. Now one of his creations goes back to the life of the hand of Eugenia Silva, who has not missed the opportunity to housewife on figure with a it seems that sabía will tend to many repercussions.

Nuria Roca, one of Tamara Falcó’s workmates El Hormiguero, fue otra de las guest a la boda en El Rincón, a mansion, with a finca of 5,000 square meters, located 54 kilometers from Madrid. The presenter wore a dress that, according to her misma explained, she “she bought a lot of time thinking that I would certainly have a special occasion to get it”. It is a fuchsia piece from the Danish firm Rotatewhich combined with bolso y zapatos verdes de Shuruk.

Nuria Roca, in a dress by the Danish brand Rotate. Photo: Instagram