Baile de sillas en la cúpula del lujo: Marco Bizarri formerly Gucci and Francesca Bellettini (Saint Laurent) become adjunta director of the whole group | Fashion

The Kering group, one of the most powerful luxury holding companies in the world, is in full transition. Between the Balenciaga campaign scandal and the paulatina caída of Gucci sales, the company led by François Henry Pinault wanted to become the big competitor in LVMH mode, which saw how in 2022 its sales rose to 23%. . Here is the passage of Marte Pinault announces through a communication of some decisive changes on his headset.

More significant is the ascent of Marco Bizarri, CEO of Gucci since 2015. The Italian executive has considered himself a kind of Rey Midas since his entry into the Kering group in 2005. It was the burden of internationally déarrolling Stella McCartney, logged the 2008 crisis no afectara los profits de Bottega Veneta y con Gucci obró a sort of milagro: fue él quien, meses después de su nombramiento, apostó por Alessandro Michele, who took a déda in the company, as new creative director. An audacious momivento, given that in this shop, full of star designers that come from prestige brands, there is no common belief that he formed a member of the team of designers, but life has messed everything up just fine. The Bizarri-Michele tandem (as in the beginning of the siglo with the Tom Ford-Domenico de Sole duo) defined part of the estética de la pasadacada, revolutionized the form of communication (with campañas en redes and uncommon embajadores) and finished building a record: in 2017 we sold only 6,200 million euros. The Ninguna brand has sold a lot. The record, without embargo, surpassed it with creces Louis Vuitton the past year, with 20,000 million profit.

Between two years in recess, Keing has decided to finalize the contract with Michele one end of the past year. Was cuestion de tiempo that Bizarri saliera tras él. Without embargo, the company has maintained its strategy of filing a creative known and black announced that Michele the successor Sabato de Sarno, until now right hand of Pier Paolo Piccioli in Valentino and whose debut at the front of Gucci is expected on September 23, el último día de Bizarri en el puesto.

The salida de Bizarri provoked que en Kering muevan varias sillas. The executive directorate of Gucci will occupy, in a transitory form, Jean François Palus, Pinault’s confidence man and managing director of the group since 2008. “He has been with my hand for decades. He now will focus on his energies in revitalizing our principal asset,” Pinault said in the press release. Bizarri has also been appointed, since 2012, to the management of the leather goods division of the whole group, on her brands he has provoked another appointment, el de Francesca Bellettini as general manager adjunta de todo el group. The Italian has been converted into the new Reina Midas de la compañía: since her entry as CEO of Saint Laurent in 2013 the French firm has doubled its vents and has become one of the small assets of the group which continues to accelerate its expansion. Bellettini has kept her role in Saint Laurent but además, becoming a sort of ‘CEO of the managing directors’ who supervises the action of all the general directors of Gucci. Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Brioni.

“We were building a more robust organization to acquire a more efficient way to grow the lobal lujo market. I am convinced that these changes will put Kering on the path to success and profit on a large scale,” Pinault said in the press release. The comfort, the love, the plane entering the division of beauty and the bliss csu el desarrollo a medio plazo de algunas marcas propias. Yes, according to the New York Times, He also plans to deal with a part of the entertainment business, negotiating the acquisition of the CAA talent agency.