all the highlights of the Grande Boucle to import into your calendar

Are you on vacation and want to enjoy a siesta after lunch without missing big steps? Do you watch the Tour de France with one eye in the office? Are you only half interested in this mythical sporting event that sometimes lacks pace? Our nap guide will save your July slumber.

In the twenty-one stages of official coursewe’ve listed the climbs, sprints and tense moments (approaching the end of a stage or before a possible corner for example) to create an interim chronology of moments not to be missed from 1um to 23 July. On the contrary, we have identified potentially lower times, perfect for scheduling a sieston, since it’s a virtuous practice (even if you’re in the office).

One caveat, however: if, thanks to the analysis of the route, we can foresee the long flat stages, it is impossible for us to foresee a brio-filled breakaway, a collective attack by a group of Spaniards aiming for the team in the standings, the explosion in flight of the Slovak runner of a team from the Vendée or even an unexpected advantage at the end of the Landes pine forests between Losse and Maillas.

New for 2023: In addition to viewing stage details, the guide below lets you add the highlights that interest you to your Google or Apple calendar, to create alerts for you. You can also add all the highlights (sixty!) by adding it to your Google calendar.

The lines represent the difficulty of the climbs, e not the exact profile of the pass.

Time scarce



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