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Express Analysis | Swords created that the result of 23-J swallowed the “recovery” of the Andalusian PSOE

The PSOE de Andalucía experienced the night of July 23 as a celebration, weighing a chain on the third electoral derrota in 13 months. El Secretary General of the Socialistas Andaluse, Juan Espadas, considered as an éxito el hecho de haber braking the Mayoría apoluta de pp y vox estimated that the recuant of the domingo indicated that the Federación Andaluza, the Más numerous en militantes, “Paso a Paso is recovering Votos” que le Dan Esperanza. 4 and autonomics of 2026.

Few joys he vivid this game from which in 2018 he will lose the Junta de Andalucía between cases 37 consecutive years in power. In 2022, the PP was impuso por mayoría absoluta in the Autonomous Parliament; In the mayoral elections of May 28, the PP of Juan Manuel Moreno consolidated this change and log the municipal governments of the other capitals and the presidencies of six of the other diputaciones, and on July 23 the populars contributed 25 ballots (10 más) to the Congress of the Deputies, while the PSOE sacó 21, cu atro less.

Espadas died in the 564,224 votes that the PSOE recovered in Andalusia from the autonómicas de June de 2022. “We are not exultantes, but tampoco desaparecidos,” he said. In las municipales de hace dos meses, Espadas justified the victory of the PP in Andalusia in the “éxito de la estrategia de acoso a Pedro Sánchez”, an argument that now no sirve. “En las municipales había calado esa strategia de libel. Now the people who stayed are called if they have moved and if they have been implicated,” he said. The general participation in Andalusia was 68.9%, you are points and average more than in the locals.

Another electoral argument that has now worked and that has destroyed the PSOE in the Andaluzas has been the advert of an alliance of the PP with the extrema derecha. About 16% of socialist voters preferred to vote for Juan Manuel Moreno rather than Espadas to avoid Vox’s entry into the Andalusian government, according to the CIS, but the same did not happen this time. “Las circunstancias son diferentes y los momentos distintos, y ahora los ciudadanos sí han tenido muy claro,” said el directente socialista. Espadas has desdeñado the voices that more change of leadership in the Andalusian PSOE.